Salma Hayek and Channing Tatum talk about their explosive chemistry in “Magic Mike’s Last Dance”

Miami Florida.- “I never thought there would be room for me in these movies,” said the Mexican actress Salma Hayek during a press conference for the premiere of Magic Mike’s Last Dance”the third Warner Brothers production to feature channing tatum with very little clothing as the titular exotic dancer that arrives this week in theaters in Puerto Rico and the United States.

For Hayek, the experience of giving life to a woman who after 50 has a sexual and spiritual awakening “was something special.” Crucial to Channing Tatum was that the film had an element that was different from previous films and that it manifested itself through the talents of his co-star.

“It just blows my mind that the first two movies are supposed to appeal to female audiences but don’t represent them on screen,” the actor explained. During an exclusive aside with The new dayHayek and Tatum gave the details of how they managed to correct this detail by collaborating with its director, Steven Soderbergh, and why the next film in this franchise has to have even more Latin flavor.

Romantic tension is something that usually works throughout the plot of a movie, but in this film it literally explodes between the two of you in the opening sequence. Did the challenges of that scene lead you to work the chemistry between you differently?

Salma- What happens is that chemistry is something that is not worked on. You either have it or you don’t. In fact, I would tell you that it is something that the camera decides. Because there are actors who adore each other in real life and have no chemistry on screen. And we know of actors who hate each other and have spectacular chemistry. So that is something that cannot be controlled. What it is that this particular scene does require, in addition to a lot of flexibility (he laughs), a lot of confidence. And the reality is that it was the last thing we filmed, so that’s something that already existed between us and I think that’s what gives it the special touch. I mean, plus everything Channing brings when he dances.

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Channing- She’s absolutely right. The chemistry thing is not something that can be calibrated. She is someone who gives one hundred percent and brings an energy that is tangible. What I have to do as her scene partner is to match her, because I can’t run away from that because it doesn’t work for the story. So that was what I did. That opened the door for us to have a lot of fun. Because after working with her it became clear how ridiculous it was to try to make a film that appealed to women without having a female point of view in the film. Having Salma turned that around which helped us a lot and is the only reason why we were able to make the best version of this film.

The film’s most memorable moments have a very tangible spontaneous energy. Soderbergh allowed them to improvise?

Salma- The great thing about him as a director is that he gives you what the scene needs. And that as a performer gives you incredible freedom. That doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want when the camera is rolling. Much less in scenes where there is choreography. But to me that’s what a collaboration really means. Knowing that there is room to explore.

Channing- My relationship with Steven is very interesting. Because we’ve worked together so many times already, I’m like the annoying little brother he didn’t know he wanted. We have ups and downs but in the end the experience is always incredible. The reality is that for me it has been the equivalent of going to film school.

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Salma, did you feel the pressure to create magic by having to dance with Channing on screen?

Salma- After seeing that dance in the rain (she laughs). But no, the magic of dancing is in enjoying it. And that’s something I always feel when I dance. My only complaint is that they didn’t do a number in the show with a little sauce. Channing is not bad at dancing salsa.

Channing (pretends to be offended)- Isn’t that bad? (laughs) That has to be fixed immediately.

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