Samsung launches the Galaxy A54 and A34, why would it have a better battery than other models?

Samsung has presented this Wednesday the new models that are incorporated into the A series, Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34, which stand out for their capabilities when it comes to photographing and their 5,000 mAh battery, capable of lasting more than two days.

The Galaxy A54 5G, which is presented as the more advanced of the two novelties, includes a configuration to choose between 8 GB of memory and 128 GB or 256 GB of storage. In addition, its operating system is based on Android 13, with the One UI 5.1 customization layer.

But, above all, it differs by the characteristics of its camera, which includes a 50 MP main lens, accompanied by a 12 MP ultra-wide angle sensor and a 5 MP macro camera. As for the front camera, it ensures quality selfies and video calls with 32 MP.

The Galaxy A54 screen is 6.4 inches with a Super AMOLED panel and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. It is an improved screen to offer greater visibility outdoors “even in full sunlight”, according to Samsung. In addition, it includes ‘Vision Booster’ technology, also improved, with which the brightness of the screen adapts to different lighting conditions.

As for its design, it offers rounded edges and corners. This model is available in four colors: lime green, black, purple and white. Another aspect to highlight is its battery that has a capacity of 5,000 mAh and with which Samsung ensures a durability of two days.

Samsung has launched two new devices that improve its camera, security and battery system. – Photo: Getty Images
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What features does Galaxy A34 5G have

For its part, the Galaxy A34 5G model shares practically all the characteristics of the A54 model. However, it offers a 6 GB + 128 GB storage or 8 GB + 256GB storage configuration.

Another difference is found in its screen that, although it has features such as the Super AMOLED screen and the 120 Hz refresh rate, expands its size to 6.6 inches.

The camera on this device employs a 48 MP main lens, along with the 8 MP ultra-wide angle camera and 5 MP macro sensor. Also, the front camera is 13 MP.

The design is virtually identical to the A54 model, although it comes in lime green, black, purple and silver instead of white. Likewise, its battery is also 5,000 mAh.

This device includes improvements in its security system and battery.
This device includes improvements in its security system and battery. – Photo: Official Samsung / Supplied by Week

camera possibilities

The Galaxy A54 and A34 models show functions for the camera that achieve very sharp images in both day and night photographs, as highlighted by Samsung.

This is due to creative editing tools such as the Nightography function, which works through Samsung Artificial Intelligence (AI). Specifically, ‘smartphones’ achieve high-quality images in low light conditions.

They also have other enhanced editing tools that make it possible to do things like remove unwanted shadows and reflections from photos.

In addition, they also include tools to achieve “extraordinary” sharp video production, according to Samsung. This is due to optical image stabilization (OIS) and digital video image stabilization (VDIS), which reduce shake and blur when shooting “even with unsteady hands”.

This device includes improvements to its camera system and battery performance.
This device includes improvements to its camera system and battery performance. – Photo: Official Samsung / Supplied by Week
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System and security updates

The South Korean company ensures up to four generations of operating system updates, in addition to five years of security updates for the Galaxy A54 and A34. In this way, Samsung indicates that users will be able to access the software and the latest security features to extend the life cycle of the ‘smartphone’.

Following this thread, the technology company highlights the advanced security capabilities that integrate these new devices with Samsung Knox. Thanks to this security management platform, users can access the security and privacy dashboard, which shows in a simple way how the applications track the data and allows to stop the collection of unwanted data.

On the other hand, the Galaxy A54 and A34 also offer the Private Share functionwith which, when sharing important files or with sensitive information, users can send it to the designated recipients within certain time limits and with disabled screenshots.

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