Scientists capture a shocking sound generated by a solar tsunami, the fury of the Sun against the Earth?

A couple of weeks ago the Sun emitted a type X flare, classified as the most powerful that the ‘king star’ can generate, which produced a kind of “solar tsunami” and for this reason the Earth was hit by a shock wave .

According to an agreement published by live science which incorporates information collected by, a portal specialized in monitoring phenomena that occur in the atmosphere and stratosphere of our planet, the radiation wave originated from a sunspot named ‘AR3229′.

Once the possibility of the Earth being hit by a type X flare was detected, several experts began to monitor the potential threats that it could generate, since it was a phenomenon of large dimensions.

Planet Earth has been hit by solar flares constantly. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

As monitoring was carried out, it was also detected that the flare generated a shock wave called a “solar tsunami”, which spread rapidly across the solar surface, as this wave of hot plasma moved through the ‘king star’ at speed up to 901,000 kilometers per hour.

As the wave of energy traveled across the solar surface, there was also a burst of radiation at ultraviolet wave frequencies and X-rays, whichand managed to impact Earth shortly after the emission of the flare.

Said radiation ionized the upper atmosphere of the planet and for this reason there were blackouts in some radio signals that are emitted in different areas of the planet, especially in the American continent.

However, the most disturbing situation around the phenomenon is that some people managed to capture some strange sounds that seemed to show a strange force that moves in outer space.

Spooky space sounds?

One of the audios that are now circulating in forums and pages specialized in astronomy was recorded by an amateur radio astronomer who was located in New Mexico, who managed to capture a sinister sound that would be caused by the solar radio burst when it hit the Earth.

Below is the audio captured and that some experts have cataloged as the sounds of the ‘fury of the Sun’

Astrophysicists have recently defined that solar radio bursts are divided into five categories, with Type I being the weakest and Type V being the most powerful.

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According to experts, the radiation emission that recently hit the earth is in Type II, therefore It did not produce major effects on the communication systems that are used throughout the globe..

A ‘monstrous’ vortex appears on the surface of the Sun, these are the effects it will have on Earth

Recently, a team of scientists detected the appearance of a strange large filament of solar plasma on the Sun, which is detaching itself from the surface of the Sun as it circles its north pole like a powerful tornado.

This situation has baffled the scientific community, since it is a phenomenon that has never been seen before and therefore the causes that produced it are unknown. According to the scientists’ report, a bulge has been captured that broke away from the main filament and it is now spinning in a large vortex around the north pole of the Sun.

Through her Twitter account, Tamitha Skov, a space meteorologist, shared a video animation that is based on images captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). She in her tweet indicated that the polar vortex represents an anomaly that could contribute to understanding the atmospheric dynamics of the Sun “above 55 ° latitude here cannot be exaggerated.”

In the animation Skov shared can be seen as a plasma thread, material that stars are made of, arises from the north pole of the Sun.

In turn, Scott McIntosh, deputy director of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, explained on the portal that, despite the fact that the appearance of the vortex is a phenomenon that had not been seen before, it must be taken into account that there is a period of 11 years in the Sun where there is an ebb and flow of energy and this generates eruptions or spots solar.

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Therefore, Skov considers that the appearance of the strange phenomenon in the 55º latitude around the polar crowns of the Sun would be part of the events that are generated every 11 years.

“Once in every solar cycle this ‘plasma hedge’ forms at 55 degree latitude and begins to march towards the solar poles. But why does it only move towards the pole once and then disappear and then magically return three or four years later in the exact same region?

Yet others Scientists have affirmed that this situation would be closely related to the inversion of the solar magnetic fieldwhich would occur in a certain period of time, but they still don’t know what drives that change.

Nasa is studying the possible causes of solar flares.
Nasa is studying the possible causes of solar flares. – Photo: NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory

On the other hand, experts recalled that the solar atmosphere is in constant change and therefore it is foreseeable that vortices will form on the surface of the star and this situation generates the phenomenon known as “solar detachment”. Event that in certain cases affects the planets of our solar system and therefore occasionally the Earth eventually receives energy blows They are repelled by the planet’s magnetic field.

Is humanity in danger from solar landslides?

According to modern science, no life form on Earth could survive contact with that type of energy; However, the planet has a protection system thanks to its magnetic field. This natural barrier manages to divert said particles of solar energy and this has allowed life to develop without problems.

Sunlight eclipsing planet Earth.
Sunlight eclipsing planet Earth. – Photo: Getty Images / bjorn holland

Thus, as long as there is a magnetic field that covers the planet, humanity and the other species that inhabit our world will be able to rest easy. Despite the fact that Sol continues to emit powerful bursts of energy with its solar flares and geomagnetic storms, there is still no possibility that these phenomena could affect the inhabitants of the Earth in any way.

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