Sebastián Villa already has a date for the hearing for the case of violence against his ex-wife in Argentina

The Colombian player at the service of Boca Juniors from Argentina, Sebastián Villa, already knew the date for the hearing that had been pending since 2020, when his ex-wife, Daniela Cortés, filed a complaint with the courts of that country for physical and psychological abuse.

According to the woman, the soccer player would have assaulted her on the night of April 27 of that year, for which she showed some photographs that, apparently, would confirm the facts that she pointed out.

The player will have to see Argentine justice on April 17, 18 and 19, when he must attend the Correctional Court 2 of Lomas de Zamorawhere he must answer for the events denounced by his former sentimental partner and which affected his sports performance during some passages.

Sebastián Villa has shown a good level during his time at Boca Juniors, but due to his legal problems he has not been called up to the Colombian National Team. – Photo: Getty Images

The oral trial requested by the Argentine Prosecutor’s Office in 2020 had to be suspended due to a trip by Cortés herself, which is why for two years she was waiting for the date on which Villa will be able to defend herself and on which it will be seen, Face to face with your ex.

It should be noted that This is not the only similar case that the Colombian faces, because in this hearing he will also have to answer for another accusation launched by Tamara Doldan, a woman who accused him of sexual abuse and gender violence.

According to reports, Cortés will face this stage of the process virtually, since he is currently in Colombia. It is worth remembering that the events for which this woman accuses the Boca Juniors striker happened while they lived together in the Saint Thomas neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

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Sebastián Villa, criticized in Argentina for holding a poster for Women’s Day, when he has been denounced for sexual abuse

On March 6, in the goalless draw between Boca Juniors and Defensa y Justicia, Sebastián Villa was one of the main protagonists.

The Colombian was honored for completing his 150th match in the club’s shirt and criticized for holding a banner demanding women’s rights.

The Colombian attacker opened the scoring for Boca Juniors against Barracas Central
The Colombian will have to appear in court in mid-April. – Photo: AFP

On the sixth day of the Argentine Professional League, the man from Antioquia, who plays as a winger, he received a painting with the Boca shirt and the number 150 stamped on it. Likewise, he received applause from thousands of attendees at La Bombonera for his contribution to the xeneize since it arrived, in June 2018.

Despite the tribute on the field, on social networks there were those who questioned the Colombian, since they do not forget the time he stopped training with the team in retaliation for not having been sold to European football, specifically to Bruges, from Belgium.

In addition, there were Twitter accounts dedicated to encouraging Boca Juniors that questioned Villa’s football level in recent games. One of them raised: “Incredible how Villa solves ALL THE PLAYS WRONG and still always plays the full 90 minutes”

In addition, attention was stolen in the protocol acts of the commitment, that Boca Juniors posed for the photo with a billboard in commemoration of March 8, International Women’s Day, which read: “More equality, more rights” .

One of those who held the banner, being the starter with the team for the match against Defense and Justice, was precisely Sebastián Villa, who has been denounced for alleged sexual abuse in Argentina, in addition to allegations of violence against his ex-partner, Daniela Cortés, in 2020.

Sebastián Villa, one of the most prominent at the start of the Argentine League.
Sebastián Villa was accused by his ex-wife of assaulting her in 2020. – Photo: Getty Images
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On Twitter, the Argentine journalist Julieta Natalutti regretted the scene with a photo and a trill criticizing football in that country:

“Sebastián Villa, who was denounced for gender violence and sexual abuse, holding the sign for March 8. Argentine soccer is a joke”public.

It is worth remembering that, contrary to Boca Juniors, The Colombian National Team did close the door on Sebastián Villa for the case of violence against his ex-partnerdespite the fact that the forward’s sporting performance has been superlative in Argentina.

“It is a complex sociological situation from which we cannot be exempt. It is a pity. First, the legal issue that Sebastián had and then what it means not being able to have him here due to its repercussions in our society, is a delicate issue, we must all manage to contribute so that it is the best for everyone”, said Reinaldo Rueda a little more than a year ago, when he was as DT of the Tricolor and was approached by the case of Sebastián Villa.

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