Six recommendations to consume less energy at home

With the passage of time, more and more electronic devices are needed at home, which is why energy can increase considerably, being reflected in the electricity bill.

There are different methods to consume less energy, with the purpose of having control over household expenses and in a certain way collaborating with the environment. That is why, the portal your little pig It makes a series of recommendations and they are the following:

Use of motion sensors

Placing motion sensors in areas such as parking lots, patios, bathrooms, among others, can help reduce energy consumption, since these sensors detect the moment in which a person enters or leaves a place and if they turn off the light or leave it on.

turn off lights

This method is a very effective way to save energy. If people make sure to turn off the lights when you’re not in the room or when it’s done using it, they can reduce billing costs.

use LED lights

LED lights are more efficient, as they last longer and do not waste energy. It also has a wide range of color and design options, which can be used to create a welcoming environment.

Using task lights

Sometimes it is not necessary to turn on all the lights in a room, as task lights can be used to illuminate different specific areas that are being worked on.

Electricity consumption affects the bill each month. – Photo: Omar Murcia / Week

Natural lighting

The use of natural light is an efficient way to illuminate the home; that is, you should keep the curtains and blinds open during the day so that sunlight enters and close them when it is not required.

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Use of programmers

Timers allow people to set the times that lights turn on and off. This option is useful for those who forget to turn off the lights in the room or bathroom.

Four methods to increase internet speed

With the passage of time, the internet has become essential for people, due to the ease and immediacy with which it is accessed. Likewise, remote work has made it essential to have a good connection in homes.

However, all the people who contract the different fiber optic connections, They can become frustrated when they notice that mobile devices only receive 40 or 30 Mbps of connection.

In addition, different factors in the house can cause the internet speed to be affected, because there may be network obstacles such as saturation or the location of the router, which obstructs the coverage of the entire home.

According to the portal computer todaythe routers offered are usually quite basic in terms of performance and connection management. However, there are different methods to improve the speed of the internet and the WiFi connection and they are the following:

router location

A correct location of the router can considerably improve the Internet connection, which is why the following recommendations should be kept in mind:

  • Do not place obstacles nearby, that is, doors, walls and others.
  • Place it in an elevated position.
  • Avoid putting it with other electronic devices.
Router. – Photo: Getty Images

Make a WiFi map

WiFi waves are invisible, but there are different applications that measure their intensity; that is, you can make a plan of the home to define which are the places that have more coverage. Among the applications that stand out the most are Heatmapper or Netspot.

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Use tools such as wireless amplifiers or PCL devices, which are intended to improve coverage and thus bring the cable connection to other places in the house.

Wifi reference photo
Wifi reference photo – Photo: Getty Images

update firmware

Few users know that the router has a firmware, which is the operating system of the device. Updating this system can fix bugs and improve router performance. To achieve this, you must enter the interface and in the settings look for the ‘Update’ option.

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