so you can activate the ‘driving mode’ to read and reply to messages

All mobile devices that have an iOS and Android operating system have a function called ‘Driving’, which is complemented by the instant messaging application most used by users, that is, WhatsApp.

This tool aims to avoid traffic accidents and needs the help of Siri in case of iOS or Google Assistant in case of Android. The two assistants, developed with artificial intelligence, will allow users to read and respond to messages in the Meta-developed app without having to take your eyes off the highway or your hands off the wheel.

In that order of ideas, users will respond to messages through voice commands. However, it is important to mention that the mobile device must remain unlocked throughout the course, since if it is not done, the attendees will not be able to count on it.

iOS and Android assistants facilitate device operations for users. – Photo: Getty Images

So you can send WhatsApp messages on iOS with voice commands

  • Enter the ‘Settings’ of the iPhone.
  • Press the ‘Siri’ option.
  • Then, turn on the switch ‘Activate when you hear Hey Siri’.
WhatsApp has different functions. – Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

So you can send WhatsApp messages on Android with voice commands

  • Enter the Google application.
  • Click on the profile photo icon located at the top right.
  • Select the ‘Settings’ option and then ‘Google Assistant’.
  • Access the ‘Hey Google and Voice Match’ section.
  • Toggle the ‘Hey Google’ switch.
  • Repeat said command and wait for it to answer “Hello, how can I help you?”.
  • Say the following: “Send a message to (person’s name) on WhatsApp, saying what you think at the moment.”
  • The wizard will ask if you want to modify it or send it that way.
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If a message notification arrives, you just have to say “Hey Google” or “Hey Siri” “read the latest WhatsApp notifications”.

The trick to have your partner’s WhatsApp account on your cell phone

WhatsApp has become the main instant messaging application in the world, which is why the apps developed by Meta has been incorporating new tools into its service with the purpose of providing quick solutions to users.

Precisely, the platform has shown that it is developing an option that allows use one app account on multiple devices simultaneously, which is in its final stage. This feature has been referred to as ‘multi-device mode’.

This new update arises from the platform to prevent its users from continuing to use unofficial applications, They aim to satisfy your need to use your account on multiple phones at the same time.

Thus, this novelty will provide the possibility of associating a WhatsApp account on four phones, so that a person could manage their chats from several computers without having to execute complex procedures or add strange applications to the computers.

That said, it will be possible to link the couple’s WhatsApp account on the mobile device, whether it is an iOS or Android operating system, that is, it will be able to reply to messages.

However, there is another tool that makes this end possible. In most modern mid-range and high-end phones there is a feature called ‘Dual Messenger’, and allows duplicating native applications such as WhatsApp, which is why the couple’s account can be registered on the device itself.

There is an option to change the WhatsApp logo for a more romantic image.
With a series of steps, users can have their partner’s account on their cell phone. – Photo: Composition of WEEK
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It is worth mentioning that the person must be asked for permission to link the account on their computer, since it is not ethically correct.

How to link your partner’s account?

  • Enter the ‘Settings’ of the cell phone.
  • Find and select the ‘Advanced functions’ section.
  • Press the ‘Dual Messenger’ option.
  • Activate WhatsApp switch.
  • The device will ask if you want to install a second copy of WhatsApp.
  • Press the ‘Install’ button.
  • Enter the applications and look for the orange application.
  • Enter and record the couple’s phone number to open an account.

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