So you can perform a full backup on Android mobile devices

Android operating systems have different methods to make backup copies of all the contents stored on the cell phone. However, there are two ways that are widely used by users and it is through the Google cloud or locally, that is, an internet connection is not required.

According to the portal 4Androall, Android by default incorporates a section in the system settings, which is intended to restore data from previous phones. These copies, if activated, perform the recovery process for the following data:

  • Call History.
  • Applications.
  • Text messages.
  • Google account data.
  • Photos and videos.
There are two methods for backing up. – Photo: Getty Images/Onur Dogman/SOPA Images/LightRocket

To make this type of copy, the following steps must be carried out:

  • Enter ‘System Settings’.
  • Access the ‘System’ section.
  • Click on the ‘Backup’ tool.
  • Activate this option in Google One.

When you log in with the registered account on a new device, all data backed up at the time will be restored automatically. It is noteworthy that the Android version must not be older than the one on the previous phone, that is, the latest version is needed.

Now, if the intention is to save documents, folders or any type of multimedia files, the best option is to use Google Drive. In this sense, the application must be downloaded to the phone if it is not installed and perform the following steps:

  • Select the blue floating button to add.
  • Click on the ‘Upload’ option.
  • Choose all the documents, folders and files that you want to upload.
Cell phone.
You can save all kinds of information in backup copies. – Photo: Getty Images
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It is worth mentioning that Google Drive manages a space of 15 GB, which is why you must be selective with all the things that are going to be backed up. To access them on another device, just download the application and log in with the registered account.

Android: How to charge a cell phone battery with another phone?

Charging other mobile devices or technological devices with a cell phone that has an Android operating system can be carried out if you have a portable battery and reverse wireless charging.

The reverse method is an option little known by users. According to the portal xataka, This can be done through a cable and thus take advantage of the benefits of the device with wireless charging; however, you must manually check if the phone is capable of it.

This feature takes advantage of the energy stored in the mobile device, with the aim of charging another cell phone or technological device without having to plug it into a power source.

How to use reverse wired charging?

The first thing to do is connect the cell phone to another by cable using the USB ports. When they are connected, by default the one with the most battery will be the one that acts as a charger. However, it can be changed manually.

When both devices are connected, the one that acts as the charger will appear a window, where you must choose the ‘Reverse charge’ section. However, the ‘Charge Only’ option can also be chosen if the idea is to only charge one device.

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It is important to mention that manufacturers establish minimum battery levels, which is why it is not recommended to charge other devices when it is at 30% or 20% battery.

Battery charging is a concern for smartphone users.
Battery charging is a concern for smartphone users. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

How to use reverse wireless charging?

This method can be done to load all kinds of accessories, but they must be compatible. Also, this feature is present in most modern phones. The aforementioned portal also indicates that this type of charging has several drawbacks.

To use this feature, it has to be activated from the battery options. Immediately afterwards, the telephone should be turned over and the other device placed on top.

Users will have to position them until both induction coils are facing each other and energy begins to be transferred.

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