So you can see Instagram stories without creating an account

Currently, Instagram is one of the most used applications in the world. The platform developed by Meta has more than 1,000 million users and allows you to share photos and videos with your respective followers.

However, it can be presented that some users prefer to use the application in a more discreet way, to achieve this, the best option is for the other accounts to have their profile public, since it allows access to the content without the need to follow it.

However, when Instagram stories are viewed, the user’s name becomes visible in the viewers list, which is why it can be a problem for people who prefer to use the social network discreetly.

Instagram has several features for users. – Photo: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett

However, the ‘Stories IG’ application will allow you to view the stories without having to create an account, that is, you can go unnoticed. However, it is important to mention that the apps has limited access.

According to the portal computer today, Users can access it through the web and carry out the following steps:

  • Write in the search engine ‘Stories IG’ and click on the first link.
  • In the ‘Username’ field, write the name of the person whose story you want to observe.
  • Click on ‘Send’ to carry out the respective search.
  • Go to the bottom of the screen.
  • In this section, the person will be able to download the stories, profile highlights, IGTV or reels.
  • Enter the download folder and review the selected content.
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Users can implement cheats in the app. – Photo: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett
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It is important to mention that ‘Stories IG’ policies indicate that user security includes blocking any suspicious activity, as well as the alert if something happens in any account linked to ‘Stories IG’.

This platform also has a standard SSL encryption, that is, it encodes all the information that is sent over the Internet, so that authorized persons can access it.

Steps to reset the Instagram and TikTok algorithm

The TikTok and Instagram algorithm is one that reviews all the posts with which users interact, with the purpose of showing similar content.

However, At some point when users are connected, they can open a publication inadvertently and then expose themselves to something similar, which is why they will appear regularly in the ‘feed’ of social networks.

To avoid this problem, the best option will be to restart the algorithm and determine again the publications that you want to see. To make it, the following steps must be carried out:


According to the portal The Republic from Peru, the process to restart the algorithm on TikTok can be complicated, which is why the best option will be to hold down the video and select the ‘I’m not interested’ section. However, the following process can be followed to restart the Chinese native platform.

TikTok is blamed by the United States for not protecting the personal data of its users, which set off alarms in it.  world
TikTok is facing various problems in different parts of the world. – Photo: Getty Images / Soup Images


  • Open TikTok.
  • Press the three horizontal lines located in the upper right part.
  • Access the ‘Settings and privacy’ section.
  • Enter the option ‘History of comments and videos viewed’.
  • Delete all the content that appears on the platform.
  • The other alternative is to look for the ‘Free up space’ option and press the ‘Delete’ button.
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In the application developed by Meta, there are different methods to reset the algorithm. However, a quick way is to click on the post and click on ‘Not interested’. However, the following process can be followed.


  • Open Instagram and go to the profile.
  • Press the three horizontal lines located in the upper right part.
  • Enter the ‘Settings’ section and then ‘Security’.
  • Locate and select the ‘Clear History’ option.

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