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The evolution of televisions is notorious, since they went from heavy screens to thin ones. In the same way, the quality of the image is in high demand by consumers and, in turn, one of the most prosperous changes is to make these technological devices intelligent.

So, in the technical production industry came the well-known Smart TVs. According to data collected from the blog Technological Area, These televisions are not only used for the transmission of audiovisual channels, but you can navigate and even interact with them through the Internet connection.

Likewise, one of the additions that Smart TVs have are their applications, such as Netflix, YouTube, Disney +, among others, which practically went from television to cell phone and vice versa.

As if that were not enough, with these technological innovations, experts on the subject add that you can “install software on our own television and use it as if it were a computer”.

Smart TVs. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

So things, Smart TVs are one of the most purchased tools for entertainment purposes. However, since these TVs have been on the market for some time, there are some that are relatively old and, therefore, it is not ruled out that users do not have some functions or features.

However, in the universe of technology, tips and tricks are usually very helpful, so smart TVs from years ago can still be taken advantage of and updated.

Alternatives to improve old Smart TVs

Depending on the model of the TV, people can make some changes to it. Considering the portal technology at home“Today and as in other devices, There are several operating systems for Smart TVs depending on the manufacturer”. Among the best known are:

  • Samsung: Tizen OS operating system.
  • LG: WebOS.
  • sony: some models incorporate Android.
  • Phillips: with some Android models.
  • Panasonic: Firefox OS.
New TV
A first recommendation from the experts is to ensure that the TV meets three basic aspects: “resolution, connectivity and design that fits any space”. – Photo: Getty Images
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The above may vary, since the changes of the manufacturers are usually year after year. Therefore, consumers can enhance the use of these devices in the following way:

1. External device connection

You can get a Fire TV Stick or a Chromecast which is easy to connect through the TV’s USB port. With these devices, the person can have new applications, mainly streaming services, be it Netflix or Spotify. In addition, it allows you to connect headphones and Bluetooth, browse the web and broadcast the cell phone screen on the TV.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that several televisions must be updated and this is done directly with messages that the same brand usually alerts. The manufacturers launch the novelties and, among them, are the old TVs.

2. Video game console

If the person has the profile of being a natural gamer, you can consider using the video game console, be it PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch to update the old Smart TV. With these devices, the quality of the graphics can be increased, they also usually have voice control and, some, allow integration with other intelligent tools; all in one.

Video game
Nintendo switch is everyone’s favorite console, according to report. Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images

3. External speakers

The sound of the television also becomes important to improve, if it is from the old Smart TVs. The experts comment that The sound quality can be modified if the person adds external speakers to the device. Several of these sound enhancers are wireless.

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Finally, the various technology portals advise getting the most out of a Smart TV, since several of these cost large sums of money.

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