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Since the first days of 2023, WhatsApp has shown that it is working on the design and implementation of new functionalities and on the improvement of some tools that the instant messaging platform already has, by launching updates that help incorporate changes into the service. .

Within the framework of this initiative, important developments have arrived in recent months, such as the custom avatarscommunities, video call optimization, increase in the limit of photos that can be sent to a chat, among others.

Now it has been known that the Meta application has the purpose of incorporating a new functionality, designed so that users have the possibility of creating their own stickers and without the need to download and install apps created by third parties such as WhatsApp Plus.

According to a report by WABetaInfo, a portal specialized in filtering WhatsApp news, the instant messaging platform has just launched a new update for its beta version of iOS which incorporates the tool that makes it possible to generate personalized stickers from the images that the user has saved on your iPhone.

WhatsApp launches a new function to create stickers from an app. – Photo: Screenshot by WABetaInfo

According to a screenshot, thanks to this new function, users will be able to generate, share and save their stickers, in order to use them as many times as they want and in the conversations they want.

How to create custom stickers from the WhatsApp app

  • From the WhatsApp application for iOS you must open the photo gallery
  • Touch and hold the image
  • Drag the photo to WhatsApp and drop it in the conversation where you want to use it
  • The application will ask if you want to convert the image into a sticker
  • Accept in the text box and immediately the sticker will appear in the chat

It is worth noting that this tool is only available for the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS 16, therefore, it is a feature that is exclusive to those who are beta tester users.

The WhatsApp app on an iPhone 12. New privacy regulations for the chat service have been sparking heated discussions since early 2021. Users who disagree with the update will initially be able to access WhatsApp without restrictions.  However, after a few weeks with warnings, the gradual loss of important features will continue with Messenger.
The WhatsApp application for iOS has received new updates. – Photo: dpa/picture alliance via Getty I
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Despite the fact that WhatsApp has not issued a statement on the date on which the tool to create stickers will be implemented at this time, it is highly likely that it will reach the official application for iOS in the course of 2023. Likewise, it is likely that said function is also incorporated into the apps official for Android.

What is WhatsApp Beta?

It should be reiterated that usually WhatsApp tests its new functions with a small group of people, this with the aim of detecting failures or collecting suggestions on the tools that you want to incorporate into your platform.

This group of users is part of a program called WhatsApp beta, through which access is granted to a special version of the application that incorporates Experimental or development features.

How to install WhatsApp Beta on an iPhone?

In order to have the beta version of WhatsApp on an iPhone, it is necessary to have the Apple platform ‘TestFlight’, an application that is available in the App Store and that gives the user access to the beta functions of the app.

To have the beta version on an Apple phone it will be necessary to perform the following steps:

  • Install TestFlight on the iPhone that will be used to test WhatsApp features
  • Open the app and accept the terms and conditions
  • Enter to have a quota among beta users
  • On the platform click on the Install button
This is what WhatsApp looks like in an iPhone menu. – Photo: dpa/picture alliance via Getty I

When the beta of WhatsApp is installed next to the username, a small orange circle will appear that identifies that app as a beta.

In the event that the user opens the link and finds a message with the phrase “This beta version is full”, it will be announced that the platform does not have free spaces for users who wish to access WhatsApp beta.

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Given this situation, it will be necessary to wait for a quota to open to access the program.

It is key to note that Apple manages a limit of 10,000 beta testers per application, therefore, it may be necessary to wait a while to obtain a quota.

For this reason, it is advisable to review the WABetaInfo Twitter account, where it is usually announced when so many spaces are released to test the WhatsApp beta.

How to create personalized stickers with WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web has a function that allows you to produce stickers with the images that the user has on his computerto use this resource it is only necessary to open a chat and then press the icon in the shape of a clip, then select the option that opens the gallery of stickers.

Once these steps have been carried out, the user will have to select an image that will be the base of the decal, then they will have a series of tools on the screen to add text, emojis and other graphic elements.

At the end of the process, the sticker will be sent to the chat, which makes it possible for it to be added to stickers user favorites.

It should be noted that WhatsApp also offers a series of packages of stickers recommended, which can be downloaded from the instant messaging application. This can also be a very useful alternative to quickly expand the catalog of stickers that a user can use in their conversations through the app.

To add new packages of stickers, the user must go to a chat, then open the tab of stickers and press press the (+) button. Seconds later the store will appear stickers who owns WhatsApp.

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