Spotify bets on the section that shows songs that other users of the platform listen to

Spotify continues to develop a new section for its version for mobile phones and called ‘Friends’, in which the contents listened to by other contacts are shown and which is currently available in its desktop version.

The company has spent years focusing its efforts on providing the music platform in streaming of a profile focused on the social, both in its version for iOS and Android mobiles, as well as for the service used from computers.

Listening to loud sounds can affect the ears. – Photo: Getty Images

One of these features is ‘Your friends’ activity’, a feature available in its desktop version that allows you to see what other users are listening to on the platform. To access this section, you must click on the arrow located at the top right of the interface and click on the ‘Settings’ button. Once inside, the ‘See what your friends are listening to’ tab is activated.

This feature has not yet been rolled out to mobile devices globally, despite many users requesting it. In fact, years ago the company ruled out integrating this capability in its version for ‘smartphone’.

Recently, Spotify has been working on other similar options that focus on social, with features that allow user interaction beyond the playback of content in the application.

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Proof of this is Wrapped, a tool that is responsible for summarizing user activity recorded during the first ten months of the year on the platform. This allows you to discover which have been the most listened to songs, as well as the albums and artists.

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Another of the functions that the platform has been working on in recent months is Community (‘Community’), a ‘hub’ to see what a user’s friends are listening to in the mobile application, as announced in June of last year the technology consultant, Chris Messina.

Messina said that the new feature, which was in its early testing phases and available only to select users, allowed both to see what the user’s friends are listening to, as well as the playlists they have recently listened to.

During the announcement of the results of the fourth fiscal quarter of 2022, which concluded on December 31, the CEO of Spotify, Daniel Ek, has not clarified what functionality they are currently working on, although he did not reject the idea that the platform acquired a more social aspect.

The singer celebrated the success of her new song on Spotify.
The singer celebrated the success of her new song on Spotify. – Photo: Instagram screenshot @shakira

What’s more, Ek commented that social networks could become “a driver to create an even more attractive experience” for the company, according to statements collected by TechCrunch.

As stated by evaluators of the ‘Friends’ feature of the application, Spotify is testing new options within this section, in which you can already find the songs selected weekly in Story format, very similar to those currently offered by Instagram and Facebook.

Spotify Wrapped, the app's summary of users' musical tastes in 2022.
Spotify Wrapped, the app’s summary of users’ musical tastes in 2022. – Photo: Screenshot / Week

Asked about this at the meeting with investors, Ek recalled that, as it is a tool in the testing phase, it is also possible that it will not finally be implemented on the platform.

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Spotify Wrapped: Favorite songs of the year

Spotify’s Wrapped function collects and exposes a series of data about the musical tastes of each user, including favorite genres, edges and songs, as well as the time spent listening to said productions.

The striking thing about this option is that the application generates an annual summary that is presented with attractive animations and through various bullets that can easily be shared on social networks, so that each user can generate an interaction with other people based on the coincidences. musicals they had during 2022.

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