Square Enix acknowledges Forspoken’s bump: “Sales have been mediocre”

That Square Enix is ​​not happy with the commercial result of Forspoken had already been hinted at when decided to absorb Luminous Productions, the internal development studio they opened to create new experiences and video games. Now, the Japanese company has recognized that sales have been mediocre.

In a meeting of shareholders, the still president of Square Enix, Yosuke Matsuda, has called Forspoken’s sales mediocre. It points out that this has happened after the published analyses, which were not very positive.

“However, the game has also received feedback positive for its action mechanics, including the Parkour and combat.” According to the manager, this setback will allow them to improve their “development capabilities for other games in the future”. The financial results of the new titles coming out in February and March will be decisive, but Matsuda raises the possibility of a “downside” risk to his earnings.

Goodbye to Luminous Productions

A few weeks after the launch, the Japanese company announced that it will integrate Luminous Productions within the Square Enix structure. The studio “is equipped with AAA development capabilities, but also of technical experience in areas as the development of graphics engines”. According to the statement, this merger will allow the group to improve its abilities to develop HD titles.

Forspoken is available on PS5 and PC. In the analysis of Sklaper.com we give it a 7.3/10 and we highlight its mechanics of Parkour and combat. Still, we did note that the open world felt empty and the side tasks weren’t satisfying:

“Its impressive visual display is partially overshadowed by a series of controversial design decisions: an open world “of dots” full of activities that may satisfy the completists, but that have no soul or contribute almost to the story or the figure of the protagonist”.

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You can read the text at this link.

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