‘Starfield’ finally has a confirmed release date

The wait is over, friends. Bethesda has finally confirmed the release date for Starfield. The announcement of the premiere of the long-awaited Xbox exclusive game, which has suffered endless delays since its official presentation in 2018, was made through the publication of a trailer accompanied by a message from Todd Howard, its director.

When will it arrive Starfieldafter all? The next September 6. But to make the wait a little shorter, Microsoft has announced that on June 11 it will carry out the Starfield Directan event in which more details about this proposal will be revealed.

Thus, Xbox fans are already rubbing their hands waiting for what this new game will be. Although it is impossible not to mention that, despite the confirmation of its release date, Starfield has suffered one more postponement. After all, let’s not forget that Bethesda had promised the title would arrive in the first half of this year.

With respect to Starfield Direct June, which will serve to calm the anxiety until September, Howard has promised that it will be an opportunity to get to know the game in depth. “In June we will take them to the studio and they will be able to take a deep look at the game. There is so much we still have to show you. [Starfield] has many of the characteristics that identify usbut it is also a truly unique experience”, he highlighted.

The wait for Starfield ends in september

With so much that has happened since Bethesda announced StarfieldMany fans will say “seeing is believing” before getting their hopes up. It is that, it is not the first time that the game has a confirmed release date that is not finally fulfilled. Although everything indicates that this time yes the conditions are given for the long-awaited proposal to reach Xbox.

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It’s true that no one likes having to wait several more months to get their hands on the game; especially, knowing that redfall, the other great AAA title exclusive to Microsoft consoles that will arrive this year, will have its premiere during the first semester. The next May 2, more specifically.

But it must also weigh in the balance that those from Redmond are betting that Starfield be the great bombshell of Xbox in this 2023And they don’t want to leave anything to chance. Especially after going through all of 2022 without ever releasing a top-tier exclusive game.


On the other hand, the decision to launch Starfield in September and not during the first half of the year seems to shed some light on why Microsoft was completely absent from the 2022 Game Awards. Let’s remember that the only thing the company showed during the event was an Xbox Game Pass commercial, when the public expected much more.

Unless there are new setbacks, the Starfield Direct June will allow us to take that long-awaited in-depth look at what the game will offer us. Let’s put a vote of confidence and mark the date on the calendar: On September 6th, we’ll finally make contact with Bethesda’s first new IP in 25 years..

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