steps to activate karaoke mode

The most awaited Spotify function by music lovers is finally available. The karaoke mode or officially called Letters or Lyrics, reached the entire globe since last Thursday, November 18. Many of Spotify’s users idolize the platform for the extra and complementary information it offers about their favorite songs, such as the composers, who the producers are, and other features.

However, for many of its users the pending fee was to be able to view the lyrics of those songs. That is why, after several requests made by the users themselves on social networks, the platform finally announced the possibility of including the lyrics of the songs that are being played at the moment.

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This feature was activated thanks to the collaboration between Spotify and Musicmatch, which brings more than eight million lyrics to the platform. Before this new feature, the Lyrics option was only available for audiences with a limited selection of countries, however, this new feature is allowed for the rest of the countries in the world and for free. Likewise, the option will be available for iOS, Android devices, consoles, televisions and web formats.

In a statement from his website, the company announced that starting this week all the lyrics of the songs can be found for free “Starting today, Spotify is empowering millions of fans around the world to sing louder and with more confidence than ever before with the launch of Lyrics,” Spotify commented.

In addition, apart from being able to use the lyrics to sing simulating a karaoke mode, the option allows you to share the lyrics you are viewing on social networks. However, Spotify said that this feature will only be available on “the majority” of your music library, meaning some of the lyrics won’t be shareable.

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How to activate Lyrics from the mobile app

1. Access the application.

2. Select the Playback View option.

3. At the bottom of the screen you can find the lyrics that are in sync with the song that is playing.

4. To share it: you have to press the share option.

From a TV app

For the Smart TV Lyrics can be made visible by selecting the Song Playback View option and going to the right hand corner of Options. Once there, the Letters option must be selected.

If the lyrics still don’t appear, Spotify Cares recommends signing out, restarting your device, and signing back in to get the option to appear.

From the desktop app

While the song is playing, look for the icon of a microphone in the options bar so that the lyrics begin to appear.

The history

According to the technology news site The Verge, the history of music lyrics on Spotify has been quite a troubled and complicated path. Initially, he worked hand in hand with Musicxmatch to be able to recreate this function, however, in 2016 his separation was visible on the screens.

Since then the platform streaming offered the Behind the lyrics feature thanks to a partnership it obtained with Genius. This option offers basic information about the songs, although it is not useful for doing karaoke at home. Although it already gave the option to sing, in countries like Japan, the function had not been released publicly or in Western markets such as the United States and Latin America.

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On the other hand, with the new activation and introduction of Lyrics, Spotify told the TechCrunch platform that it will discontinue the Behind the lyrics option.

strategic partnership

This function is possible thanks to the union of Spotify with Musixmatch that has the largest catalog of song lyrics in the world. “Lyrics is one of the most requested features by listeners around the world. So we’ve created an experience that’s simple and interactive, and even shareable. By partnering with Musixmatch, we are bringing song lyrics to life through in-app access across the majority of our extensive library of tracks,” Spotify explained.

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