steps to use the application from the TV

WhatsApp is characterized by constantly working on the implementation of different tools, with the purpose of improving the user experience.

The most important instant messaging application in the world, also stands out for allowing the sending of all possible information, that is, documents, links, multimedia files or the typical text messages, which is why it becomes indispensable for different ways of working, especially those that work from home.

This type of thing can lead to several users needing more than one screen to carry out their commitments; however, few know that there is a simple trick to open the apps from the television, where you can also take advantage of the call and video call functions.

Video calls is one of the most popular WhatsApp options – Photo: Composition of WEEK

It is also important to specify that this trick does not require the installation of any external program or APK, such as WhatsApp Plus. These types of programs usually come with various types of malware, which can even steal users’ personal data.

How to use WhatsApp from the TV?

The only requirements that are needed is the installation of the latest version of WhatsApp and a Smart TV, that is, you must have an internet connection. Now yes, the following steps must be carried out:

  • Enter the mobile device.
  • Access the notification panel and look for the ‘Wireless projection’ section.
  • Find the reference of the television and make the respective connection.
  • Open WhatsApp and place the phone vertically.
  • From that moment you can chat and carry out the respective activities in the application.
  • Through a Chromecast you can also connect a mobile device to the TV.
WhatsApp the most important instant messaging platform in the world. – Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images
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WhatsApp launches its ‘blackout’ mode: what is it for and how to activate this function?

WhatsApp has positioned itself as the main communication tool, since it has more than two billion users in the world.

In addition to updates with improvements to its options or the addition of new features, many users of the popular instant messaging platform have found some ‘modes’ that allow you to adjust the functionality of the application according to who uses the service.

An example of this is the option that in forums and social networks has been called “blackout mode”, which could help users to regain their peace of mind at times when they need to distance themselves from the stress that the barrage of messages, notifications and messages can generate. other situations that occur in the app.

WhatsApp has a 'blackout' mode.
WhatsApp has a ‘blackout’ mode. – Photo: Week

The biggest advantage of this option is that in order to be able to using it does not require the download and installation of applications that may affect the operation of the phone or steal the user’s personal information.

However, it is important to emphasize that it is a resource that can only be used on devices that use Android, Google’s mobile operating system.

How to activate the “blackout mode” in WhatsApp?

  • Initially, you must access the ‘settings’ or ‘configuration’ section of the phone.
  • Then you must enter the ‘Applications’ function.
  • Now it is due to WhatsApp in the list of applications installed on the computer, then you will have to click on ‘Advanced functions’.
  • Then you must click on the ‘Stop’ option.
  • In this way, the WhatsApp “Blackout Mode” will have been activated.
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Once the ‘blackout mode’ has been enabled, no more messages or calls will be received for as long as the user considers it necessary. In case you want to reactivate the normal operation of WhatsApp, it is only necessary to repeat the aforementioned process in order to revert the change that was initially applied.

So that the users of the instant messaging platform will not have to go to ‘airplane mode’ or remove the internet connection from the equipment, to silence the application.

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