Tekken 8 throws King into the ring in a gameplay trailer that is pure combat

Tekken 8 continues to show the muscle of the fighters that will be part of the launch squad. After Jin Kazama, Marshall Law and Paul Phoenix, Bandai Namco demonstrates king’s potential. The famous fighter with the tiger mask can be seen in combos of all kinds. His strength is unleashed. We see him fight in an MMA cage performing moves that match wrestling. You can see the trailer in the header of this news.

Tekken 8, “fists meet fate”

The new installment of the long-running franchise is loaded with news. At the moment we know the participation of 9 fightersAlthough more will be known as the months go by. Jun Kazama, Lars Alexandersson, Jack-8, King II Paul Phoenix and Nina Williams join the names already mentioned.

tekken 8


Katsuhiro Harada once again assumes leadership with a work that will coincide in time with Street Fighter 6, which is scheduled to be released next June 2. While Capcom already shakes up the genre, Tekken 8 is still keeping its date up in the air. Of course, we already know their platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

At Sklaper we were able to interview the creative a few days before his appearance in The Game Awards 2022. During the talk we were able to influence some mechanics that will take center stage in it: “We cannot give many details yet, but in general we want to explain that the game system seeks to reward players for being offensive: if you look at the games of fight in general today, you see that in opponents of a similar level it is difficult many offensive elements because it is difficult to open the defense of your enemy, so we want the system to reward these risks, that they feel that if they risk it they have more options to win and have a good time”.

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