the ADRES on the support of educational support

A few weeks ago, the request for payment to the Ministry of Health by the country’s medical residents made headlines. Although days later they were normalized, in the last hours the Administrator of the Resources of the General System of Social Security in Health (Adres), directly in charge of these disbursements, updated how they are going.

“The National Government, in its commitment to human talent in health and the promotion of education in the areas of health, highlights that so far this year $35,676,855,261.00 have been transferred to a total of 5,693 medical residents for the concept of monthly educational maintenance support ”, they explained.

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The Adres assured that a total of 5,693 medical residents who are studying their medical-surgical specialization have already received their payments so far in 2023.
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Along the same lines, the director of Management of Financial Resources for Health of the Adres, Carmen Rocío Rangel Quintero, indicated that “there are already two important payments that have been made in 2023, in compliance with the authorizations made by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection (MSPS)”.

In this sense, they confirmed that during February, the payment of $35,233,027,261 corresponding to 5,559 medical residents was made. And recently, on March 3, the transfer of support for educational support to 134 residents was executed for a total of $443,828,000.00.

Health reform: these are the public hearings that will be held in the country

While the ADRES continues with its normal functions, in the health sector there is also a heated debate for the reform. The same debate that they seek to deepen and take to different parts of the country, which is why Congress is holding a series of public hearings in nine cities across the country.

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“There is an agenda that is in different departments and it has already been established. We start tomorrow in Yopal, Casanare. The following are in the department of Guaviare, in Tolima. We will also be creating this space to listen to everyone, the patients, the doctors, all those who are part of the system, with the corresponding spaces, with all the serenity”, confirmed the president of the Seventh Commission, Agmeth Escaf.

He also stated that they seek to generate a good level exchange of ideas in these spaces.

“As you realized today, with the respect and democracy that each one deserves to participate and all willing in harmony, to put the best energy into the project, the best head and above all heart. You have to put a lot of heart into this, ”he explained.

House representative and president of Commission VII, Agmeth Escaf.
House representative and president of Commission VII, Agmeth Escaf. – Photo: ULT Representative Agmeth Escaf

Public Hearing Schedule

According to proposition 37, of February 21, these public hearings will serve to know first-hand the considerations, contributions and observations of the entities, unions and people who may influence the proposal.

  • March 9. Yopal, Casanare, by the liberal representative, Hugo Archila Suárez.
  • March 16. San José del Guaviare, Guaviare, with the presence of the conservative representative Alexander Quevedo Herrera.
  • 23 of March. Barranquilla, Atlántico, led by the representative of Cambio Radical, Betsy Pérez Arango.
  • March 24th. Cucutá, Norte de Santander, with the representative of Cambio Radical, Jairo Humberto Cristo.
Seventh Committee of the House of Representatives.
Seventh Committee of the House of Representatives. – Photo: ULT Representative Agmeth Escaf
  • March 30th. Arauca, Arauca, by the liberal representative Germán Rozo Anís.
  • April 13th. Mitú, Vaupés, led by the representative of the U party, Camilo Ávila Morales.
  • April 17th. Medellin, Antioquia. With the presence of two representatives, from the Alianza Verde party, Juan Camilo Londoño, and from the Liberal party, María Eugenia Lopera.
  • April 20th. Duitama, Boyacá, with the liberal representative Héctor Chaparro.
  • April 24. Ibagué, Tolima, with the conservative representative, Gerardo Yepes.
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