The appliance that helps reduce water consumption at home

Currently, thousands of people have had to adjust their budgets to be able to assume the different expenses that recurrently arise, such as public services, especially the water bill.

In this sense, the dishwasher has become an appliance that facilitates washing dishes. One of the main advantages of this appliance is to disinfect dishes and kitchen utensilssince it uses high water temperatures.

The dishwasher is used when they are full of dishes and other kitchen implements, which is why it optimizes and reduces water consumption considerably. In addition, there are different ecological models that make your energy spending more efficient.

Dishwashing has great benefits for the home. – Photo: Getty Images

Another benefit of this appliance is to avoid drying out the dishes, since these utensils come out completely dry. This method also saves time. Automatic dishwashers offer the ease of accommodating dishes, that is, they also save time.

However, among the disadvantages is that their maintenance is usually more expensive, reason for which a budget must be allocated to carry out the respective arrangement and buy the necessary spare parts.

Dishwashers also often need a large space. In this sense, drawer spaces or different furniture must be used for its location. In addition, electrical adjustments must be made to plug it in.

Another aspect to take into account is that this appliance only allows you to wash certain implements, that is to say, that you cannot add things made of wood, ceramics and plastic.

Dishwashing can also have some contraindications. – Photo: Getty Images
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Appliances that increase the price of the electricity bill the most

fridge or refrigerator

This appliance requires to be always connected and for this reason it is one of the equipment that consumes the most energy in a home. However, users can regulate their power to reduce the cost of electricity that is generated.

Added to this, it is essential to have good habits with the team, such as verifying that the doors are always properly closed, as this prevents an effort from being generated in the machine and, consequently, an increase in energy expenditure.

In the same way, it is important to keep in mind that an empty fridge generally consumes much more than a full one, this is because the equipment must use more energy to cool the air. In that order of ideas, it would be ideal to keep the fridge busy or consider having a smaller model.

Washing machine

According to experts, this appliance represents 12% of the total consumption in a home’s energy bill, so it is vital to carry out the washing processes properly and thus mitigate energy expenditure.

Better manage loads of clothes to be washed, try to use cold water and choosing the quick dry mode are some options that could help reduce energy consumption.

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The washing machine can have a high consumption of household energy. – Photo: samsung


Thanks to the fact that televisions have become a very popular device in homes, these equipments have also positioned themselves as one of the most energy-consuming household appliances. Especially if you take into account that many families have 3 or 4 SmartTVs at home.

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In addition to keeping equipment turned off when not in use, people can go to other functions that help reduce energy expenditure. An example of this is the ‘saving mode’ that several smart televisions have or the option that allows you to turn off the screen and let only the audio play.

On the other hand, it is advisable to disconnect televisions that have been used a little, since this equipment generates an ‘invisible consumption’ of electricity that over time will be reflected in the electricity bill.

Microwave oven

This is one of the appliances that consumes the most energy when it is in operation and for this reason several experts use it intelligently so as not to waste energy. For this reason, it is suggested not to heat water with the microwave and try to disconnect the equipment minutes after having used it.

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