The best accessories to charge the DualSense and not run out of battery

Ever since wireless console controllers began to include a rechargeable battery, especially on PlayStation, gamers have sought out a multitude of ways to don’t forget to recharge them at the end of their weekend marathons. And there is nothing more annoying than sitting down to enjoy your hobby favorite and see that the PS5 DualSense is empty. Without energy.

Why keep the controls loaded?

It is obvious that the controls have to be recharged every few days, especially if we have large game sessions in between, so we have to remember, when turning off the console, to plug in the USB-C cable so as not to get stuck the next time Let’s turn it on But luckily, peripheral manufacturers They have developed models of chargers that are a true blessing.

OIVIO Charging base.

And they are not only because they allow us to take the DualSense that we have and leave them there charging until the next game we play, but also Thanks to their design, they also serve as a support to keep them in place. on the table, on a piece of furniture or on the desk, and not lying anywhere. So this hardware that we have brought you today has that double function that is especially useful for the most active gamers.

Three models to forget about the load

In all the cases that we have brought you, the double function of serving to charge the controls of PlayStation 5 and booth where to leave the DualSense well placed. So we are going to go with the first one, which is the one that you can see very large in the opening image of this article, which youIt has the capacity to recharge the battery from two gamepads at the same time and that it has a curious indicator on the front that indicates which controller is already loaded (blue) and which one is not yet (red). According to the manufacturer, it is a model with fast charging since in just two hours we will have the gamepad at 100% and ready to return to action.

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This second charging base is somewhat less spectacular than the first, it does not have so much an illuminated indicator but it also allows us to place up to two DualSense to recharge the battery to 100% and, unlike the OIVO peripheral, it takes a bit longer since it will not reach full battery capacity until two and a half hours have elapsed. Of course, you can see that the two PS5 peripherals have already been fully filled thanks to a color code on the base itself.

For this third model we have opted for another OIVIO device for one reason: the curious place where you can place it so that it occupies as little space as possible within our setup gaming in the room or in the living room. As you can see from the image that you have above, sIt can be placed on top of PlayStation 5 and gives the feeling that it is part of the design of the machine itself. What’s more, the proximity of the front USB-C port means that the cable does not stick out too much. It also has a fast charge and will be able to fill our two gamepads 100% in just two hours… and also serve as a booth for helmets.

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