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This Wednesday, March 8, in different parts of the world, ‘International Women’s Day’ is celebrated, a day declared by the UN in 1975. During this date, generally different cultural groups and other sectors of society carry out different activities to generate a reflection on the challenges women face to achieve greater equality, recognition and the real exercise of their rights.

For this reason, many people will look for different ways to pay tribute to their mother, sister, partner or friend, through different actions on social networks and other digital platforms such as WhatsApp or an email.

As a result of this situation, below we leave several phrases that can be shared by WhatsApp on Women’s Day:

  • A woman should be two things: who she wants and what she wants – Coco Chanel
  • Happy day, woman, because you have the courage to pursue your goals and you are filled with integrity in the face of difficulties – anonymous
  • Thank you for having the superpower to make the impossible possible – anonymous
  • You should be proud of yourself every day, but even more so today! Happy Women’s Day! – anonymous
  • Mother, wife, daughter, partner, neighbor, grandmother, sister… Thank you all for filling the world with light and joy – anonymous
  • Surround yourself with people who challenge your limits, not with people who limit your challenges – Pilar Jericó.
  • A woman deserves not just a day to honor her, but a lifetime to love her – anonymous
  • A few nice words to thank you for everything you do to make life easier for all of us. What would be of us without you! – anonymous
  • March 8 is the day that reminds us how important women are during all moments of our lives. Congratulations on your day! – anonymous
  • I dedicate a sincere tribute to all the women in my life, because each one inspires me to be better every day. Happy Women’s Day! – anonymous
Side view of a cheerful woman with curly hair standing on an orange background. Close-up of a young African woman laughing. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto
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What is the origin of Women’s Day and why is it commemorated every March 8?

According to the United Nations, this date began to be commemorated by the UN on March 8, 1975, but two years later it was proclaimed by the entity’s Assembly as an international day.

This day arose thanks to the demonstrations that groups of women in Europe held at the beginning of the 20th century for access to the right to vote, more favorable working conditions and greater equality.

Worldwide, on this date, defenders of women's rights recognize and make them visible through various types of demonstrations.
Worldwide, on this date, defenders of women’s rights recognize and make them visible through various types of demonstrations. – Photo: Getty Images

But it is relevant to underline that the first National Women’s Day took place in the United States on February 28, 1909, when there was a strike called by women who worked in textile factories, together with members of the Socialist Party of the United States, both groups advanced a demonstration to demand better working conditions.

In fact, said demonstration took place a year after a day of protest was carried out in New York, in which close to 15,000 women asked their employers the reduction of working hours, a salary increase and the right to vote.

However, the UN has also indicated that the protests and other events carried out by Russian women in the midst of the First World War were an important reference point for the fight for women’s rights.

For a long time, women have raised their voices to demand equality in different fields of society.
For a long time, women have raised their voices to demand equality in different fields of society. – Photo: Getty Images
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“In the framework of the peace movements that arose on the eve of the First World War, Russian women celebrated their first International Women’s Day on the last Sunday of February 1913. In the rest of Europe, women celebrated rallies around March 8 of the following year to protest the war or to show solidarity with the other women”, recalls the organization in a publication made on its official website.

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