The change of Silent Hill 2 Remake that sets off all the fan alarms

Despite having the best of intentions, the latest interview given by Bloober Team about Silent Hill 2 Remake has sown the shadow of doubt among the fans. The studio’s executive director, Piotr Babieno, has assured that the developer seeks to make more ambitious games, more complex in their mechanics than the walking simulators for which they had been known. So far good. Bloomer talks about be compared to references such as Resident Evil and The Last of Us And there’s nothing wrong. But pay attention to the following words from him:

“We want to continue making games that are deep and meaningful. We want to continue maintaining our DNA, our way of telling stories and continuing to talk about issues that are important to us. Even so, We do not want to narrate through the setting and the setting, but through the action. That way we would be more attractive to the masses. And I think that’s why we’ve been chosen to work on Silent Hill.”

On social networks, the followers of the saga have entered DEFCON 5 That’s right. Being Silent Hill 2 Remake a masterpiece of survival horror, talk of attracting “the masses” and giving more importance to “action” does not sound particularly encouraging. AND Is there a game that counts so much through its atmosphere? Isn’t that the most characteristic of the game? We all remember James, Maria, Pyramid Head and other characters, but what we have truly engraved on fire are those streets and the details and stories that were hidden in them, in their apartment buildings, in the hospital, the prison and other nightmare corners.

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With everything, Bloober encourages us to have faith, to trust. “About the people who are in charge of the Konami games division right now I can’t give you many details, but I think they really understand how this works”, Babieno said. “They are making big decisions when it comes to choosing their collaborators. And I understand that people are a little angry with them for what has happened in the past, but give them time. they know what they do”.

Will Bloober Team and Konami silence all those who now doubt?


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