The definitive trick to be able to see YouTube videos blocked in the country

Without a doubt, YouTube is a platform that has a colossal catalog of videos and today its users can find content that addresses all kinds of topics, from science and entertainment to fashion and leisure trends.

However, in many cases platform users have felt a bit frustrated by not being able to access certain content that is blocked, because they can only be viewed in other countries. This situation represents an obstacle for those who seek to obtain certain types of information or access certain content.

However, today there is a resource to overcome this drawback and without the need to have extensive knowledge of computers.

Videos blocked by YouTube can be viewed through different tricks. – Photo: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett

How to access a blocked video on YouTube?

One option to unblock videos not available on YouTube is the tool called ‘Surfshark’ which offers a VPN service that makes it possible to access restricted videos in the country where the user is.

It should be noted that this program can not only be used to access restricted by YouTube, it also allows user data to be protected when they connect to free WiFi networks that are available in public spaces.

To use this tool it is necessary to install it on a computer and then select the country of the server with which you want to connectIt is advisable to always establish the connection with the United States because in that territory all the content that you want to consume is open both on YouTube and on other services such as Netflix.

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Once the connection between the user’s computer and the server in the US is established, all you have to do is put the address of the video that was previously blocked in a web browser and it will immediately play without any problem.

Telegram bots are a resource to access series and movies online.
Telegram bots are a resource to access series and movies online. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

It should be noted that unlike the use of proxies, ‘Surfshark’ will not affect the user’s connection speed. On the contrary, it is highly probable that high loading speeds will be obtained and this will allow you to view YouTube or Netflix content with HD quality or higher.

However, it must also be specified that this service is paid and therefore the user will have to assess whether the value of the fees justifies their need to view certain content.

Other alternatives to watch blocked videos on YouTube


The TOR network is another means that allows access to content that YouTube blocked in the user’s country. Thanks to the fact that this browser moves through the network through different nodes, a person’s connection remains completely anonymous and this makes it possible to play any video regardless of the country in which a person is located, since the platform will not be able to recognize from where the request to view that content is generated.

It is worth specifying that this platform has a high level of security, because its encryption is robust, so the user does not run the risk that other people may steal their data. By. The advantage of the TOR network is that operates free of charge and can provide access to different types of content that are not available in the area where a person is located.

YouTube logo.  (Photo Illustration by Filip Radwanski/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
There are several methods to view content blocked by YouTube. – Photo: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett
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However, the connection speed does not offer as high a speed as that offered by other options, but despite this it can be a very simple resource to use. It is only necessary to download and install the browser on a computer and later it will be possible to browse the web in a similar way to platforms such as Mozilla or Google Chrome.

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