The Exoprimal dinosaur multiplayer already has a date and comes out from day 1 on Xbox Game Pass

The dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago, but no one knows what might happen when a time rift opens up in the sky. As if it were an egg, beasts from another time emerge from the shell, which to no one’s surprise wreak havoc on Earth. That is, roughly, the approach of Exoprimal, the new online multiplayer game from Capcom. During the showcase yesterday March 9, the Japanese company announced that it will be next July 14 when the game goes on sale on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC (Steam).

It should be noted that Exoprimal will be available from day one on Game Pass, the Xbox subscription service. Additionally, Capcom has revealed an open beta which will take place on both consoles and PC. When? Very soon, from the 17th to the 19th of March. The beta will implement cross-play, so that players on different platforms will be able to play against each other.

an agonizing future

Set in the year 2043, the story takes us to a dangerous reality: herds of dinosaurs walk the earth again because time vertices have been opened, so humans will have to take up arms, use their exosoldiers and fight for survival.

Exoprimal is a cooperative multiplayer title in which the exoarmor will play a crucial role. “Each one has a clearly defined role,” they explained in a post on the official PlayStation blog. ”Teams of exosoldiers, who are outnumbered by their enemies, they will have to coordinate to choose a strategic combination of suits to overcome adversity”.

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This production is played only online and has a main mode. Dino Survival is a competitive modality that will face two teams of five people, who will have to carry out PvE and PvP activities to complete the objectives. Despite the appearance of dinosaurs, Capcom has clarified that Exoprimal has nothing to do with Dino Crisis, one of its classic sagas.

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