The five appliances that consume the most energy

Over the years, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, which is why not all household appliances consume the same amount of energy.

However, the appliances that consume the most energy are those that work for long periods of time, or those that need more energy to fulfill their respective operation.

In this sense, there are five household appliances that have a high energy consumption and are the following:

Washing machines

According to the portal the Clarion, the washing machines they can consume up to 11% of the electricity bill ratethat is to say, it can greatly influence energy expenditure if hot or cold water is used, the second option being the one with the most consumption.

The washing machine is one of the appliances that consumes the most energy. – Photo: samsung

clothes dryer

This device can spend 3% of the total electricity rate, which is why it is important to keep track of its use, which is why it is necessary to take the time to understand how much each cycle marks and when to use it.


An air conditioning of 4,500 frigories can have a consumption of 2,153 Wh, according to the previously mentioned portal. The best option is to keep it at 24 degrees and clean the filters every six months.

Electric furnaces

Due to the combination of its function of generating heat for long times during cooking, It is estimated that it uses between 800 and 1,200 W per hour.


Due to its constant use, this is the appliance that generates the most consumption, since it is estimated at 20% of the electricity bill rate. It is recommended not to cool hot dishes, but to put them at room temperature.

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Six recommendations to consume less energy at home

There are more and more electronic devices that are needed at home, which is why energy can increase considerably, being reflected in the electricity bill.

There are different methods to consume less energy, with the purpose of having control over household expenses and in a certain way collaborating with the environment. That is why, the portal your little pig It makes a series of recommendations and they are the following:

Use of motion sensors

Placing motion sensors in areas such as parking lots, patios, bathrooms, among others, can help reduce energy consumption, since these sensors detect the moment in which a person enters or leaves a place and if they turn off the light or leave it on.

turn off lights

This method is a very effective way to save energy. If people make sure to turn off the lights when you’re not in the room or when it’s done using it, they can reduce billing costs.

Electric power
Electricity consumption affects the bill each month. – Photo: Omar Murcia / Week

use LED lights

LED lights are more efficient, as they last longer and do not waste energy. It also has a wide range of color and design options, which can be used to create a cozy atmosphere.

Using task lights

Sometimes it is not necessary to turn on all the lights in a room, as task lights can be used to illuminate different specific areas that are being worked on.

Electric power / Light
Reference photo. Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Natural lighting

The use of natural light is an efficient way to illuminate the home; that is, you should keep the curtains and blinds open during the day so that sunlight enters and close them when it is not required.

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Use of programmers

Timers allow people to set the times that lights turn on and off. This option is useful for those who forget to turn off the lights in the room or bathroom.

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