The Instagram trick that can prevent anyone from checking the notifications in the application

Meta has more and more options that help people have a better experience within the applications. In the case of Instagram, one of the most active and media social networks globally, there is a command that people can use so that it does not show them notifications, improving the privacy experience.

This option offers the possibility of sending silent messages on Instagram, so that the user does not receive a notification that a chat has arrived. The tool silent It is the command used by people so that when they open the application they notice the message and not before.

How to activate the function silent?

In the event that the user wishes to send a silent message, he must go to the person’s chat, and before writing the text, he must put /Silent, and then you can continue the conversation.

As such, by sending this word the other person will not receive the message until the app is opened and if the other user wants to respond in kind, they will have to retype the command along with the message. Now, if the user constantly talks to a person, he can silence the account so that notifications never appear again. To do this, you must swipe to the right of the chat and enter the ‘More’, ‘General’ and ‘Unread’ options.

You must go to the person’s chat, and before writing the text, you will have to put /Silent, and then you can continue the conversation. – Photo: WEEK

When entering ‘More’, the user must select the “Mute” option, with which notifications will not arrive if the user sends messages.

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Another ideal option for many of the users is to be able to silence the publications that other users make on this social network. This function allows you to hide the images or reels of certain accounts without unfollowing them. It should be remembered that even if an account is muted, you will not stop seeing the posts on the profile or receiving notifications about the comments or posts in which the user is tagged.

In this way, to silence an account, the user will only have to go to the menu of the three points, located in the corner of the publication. There you can mute only the posts or also the stories of the account.

Instagram evaluates charging a subscription to verify accounts.
Instagram evaluates charging a subscription to verify accounts. – Photo: Goal

Tricks to view Instagram stories anonymously

To view Instagram stories, the platform requires users to do so from an official account; however, at the time of posting, the person who made the post will be able to see who viewed their post.

Now, if the intention is to see the stories without the other users knowing, a series of steps can be carried out, with the purpose of leaving no trace.

In this sense, the portal xataka recommends three websites where this procedure can be performed safely. However, the portal clarified that in most cases these types of pages can disappear in a short term, since they make irregular use of the social network.

Anon IG Viewer:

This web page allows you to view profiles, publications on the feed and the stories anonymously. The platform also allows you to download published content. To achieve this, the first thing to do is enter the site and enter the username of the profile you want to see.

Social networks
Instagram has several tricks for users. – Photo: DeFodi Images via Getty Images
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This portal is specialized in downloads, however, it allows you to view the contents of the profiles, including the stories.

Instagram Stories:

This platform allows you to view the contents of the profiles, even as the username is typed, which will show you suggestions of other profiles.

It is important to mention that the stories can only be seen in incognito mode, if the account you want to see is in public mode.

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