The Last of Us: Neil Druckmann reveals how the giraffe scene was made

One of the most iconic moments, and one that was burned into the memories of the players back in 2013 when it came out The Last of Us is the one starring Ellie, Joel, and a giraffe. As expected, this was in turn captured in the television series whose first season has just ended, and Neil Druckmann has told how they managed to shoot said scene, something that was not easy at all.

And it wasn’t because contrary to what many people have been saying these days – “how poorly made it is”, they say, ahem…-, the giraffe is real. Speaking to Greg Miller’s Kinda Funny podcast, Neil Druckmann discussed the difficulties of working with one of these towering mammals, and made it clear how extremely easy it is, by comparison, to get it into a game.

He emphasizes that they had to overcome many logistical obstacles, finally deciding to create a blue screen environment in the Calgary Zoo -where the entire first season has been filmed- in which to place the giraffe. In summary, they took the shooting environment to the giraffe and not the other way around, which would have posed even more problems. He insists on the realness of the animal, although there are evidently VFX elements in this scene.

The Last of Us


Will the film crew relocate?

The budget of the series has not been discreet, but there is no doubt that the visual effects team has done a great job transferring the post-apocalyptic environment to the Canadian city. Curiously, The Last of Us Part II It is set in the city of Seattle, a relative -taking into account the size of North America- a short distance from Calgary, although it is not confirmed that the filming of the second season will take place in the city of grunge.

This second season will narrate part of the events that occurred in the second video game, since both Druckmann and Mazin have confirmed that one alone will not be enough. We are talking about a game that is significantly longer than the original, as well as having to introduce new characters, some of them very protagonists, such as Abby, of course.

Source: Kinda Funny

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