The Last of Us: the creator of the series explains why there is less violence than in the game

The Last of Usthe successful series of HBO Max based on the video game Naughty Dog, is about to reach the conclusion of its first season with the broadcast of the ninth episode this coming weekend, specifically, at dawn from Sunday to Monday. A series that is considered by many to be the best adaptation of a video gamealthough some of the fans seem to be not entirely satisfied with the level of violence shown thus far, especially in comparison to the video game. Now, craig mazinco-creator of the series along with Neil Druckmann, has explained the differences between series and video game at combat level.

A different look at the world of The Last of Us

Thus, and thanks to a round table in which the own craig mazin next to Neil DruckmanBella Ramsey (Ellie), Pedro Pascal (Joel) and Assad Qizilbashdirector of PlayStation Productions, the co-creator of the series, has explained the differences between formats -video game and television- and why he cannot show the same number of fights and violence in the series compared to the original game, where the gameplay does the rest.

“In the early, early days, when Neil and I were first talking about adapting it, we had a great discussion about violence. When you’re playing a video game, NPCs are a fun puzzle to solve. How do I get through and around them? AND violence is part of the methodMazzin explains.

“But on a TV show, if we were constantly gunning down people, since there’s no gaming element and you’re just watching it, gets a little numb. The violence ceases to be significant”, says the co-creator and producer of the series.

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Of course, they also had in mind that the violence of this post-apocalyptic universe was part of it, but in a different way from the video game. As an example, “Joel has a capacity for violence that may have always been there, but the apocalypse unleashed her. And when he commits this first act of violence, in front of his daughter, she is shocked and horrified and cries. He then commits a terrible act of violence in front of Ellie and she is not surprised, she is activated. There’s something between these two people, they share that and then she saves him, and there’s a moment in the game where this happens and one thing that we expanded on for the series was doing the guy Ellie shoots alive. To see the impact of violence”, concludes Mazin.

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