The Last of Us was about to be an animated series

The success of The Last of Us it is probable that even those responsible for HBO have been taken by surprise, and it is that one had to be very optimistic to think that it would be able to compare to that of the house of the dragon. Would this license have been as successful if it had been carried out differently? Because there were multiple options that were raised, as one of the actors in the video game has confessed.

Jeffrey Pierce lends his voice to Tommy, Joel’s brother, in video games by Naughty Dog, in addition to also acting in the motion capture sessions. In the HBO series, it is Diego Luna who plays him, but as usual, Craig Mazin and Nel Druckmann searched for a role for Pierce, in this case, that of Perry, Kathleen’s right-hand man. What is clear is that he has been involved in the project from the beginning, since he knows everything that has been put on the table.

The Last of Us


How would there be an animated series?

“There have been a few different iterations of late,” Pierce says. “At one point it was going to be a movie, at another it was going to be a motion capture animated film.”, something that would have saved some time and money by having the possibility of having the original voices transferred directly from the video game.

It would not have been by any means the first adaptation of a video game to animation, and it is that in recent years we have seen several, and also, with some success. This is the case of Arcane, the series based on League of Legends that actually won the Best Adaptation award at The Game Awards, but there is more: Castlevania, DOTA, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners…

The fact is that we have ended up enjoying a series of live action that has not only lived up to, but has managed to exceed the most optimistic expectations. Maintaining the ability to surprise even those who know the story, The Last of Us has already been renewed for a second season… although more will be needed to capture what happened in The Last of Us Part II.

Source: Collider

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