The list of Resident Evil 4 Remake trophies and achievements are leaked and they seem like an impossible mission

There are ten days left for the release of Resident Evil 4 Remake and the Capcom game is already on everyone’s lips. Its demo (which, by the way, hides a secret mode and has references to Franco) has confirmed what we suspected, that it is set to be one of the great releases of 2023. But pay attention trophy hunters (and achievement seekers) because the merits that will have to be done to obtain the platinum (or the 1000G) have already been leaked and it does not seem easy at all.

The Resident Evil 4 Remake trophy list requires beating the game on all three of the usual difficulties (Standard, Hardcore, and Pro), but getting rank S+ in all of them (which depends on time, accuracy, our number of deaths, etc.). And as if that were not enough, it also proposes us to complete it going only with a knife, without using medicinal herbs and without talking to the Peddler. In addition, there are the characteristics of speedrunner (finish it in 8 hours) and to find all the collectibles. Here you have them:

All Resident Evil 4 Remake trophies

  • boredom kills me — Obtain all trophies.
  • Tactics for knives — Block an enemy with the knife.
  • my favorite piece — Upgrade a weapon.
  • Masterpiece — Get an exclusive upgrade for a weapon.
  • well done, stranger — Complete a request from the Peddler.
  • A near death experience — Rescue Ashley when she is caught by an enemy.
  • rebellion against the rebel — Destroy a Castellan Clockwork.
  • harpoon hunter — Beat Del Lago.
  • great grated cheese — Defeat Biotres Mendez.
  • Your right hand fell off — Defeat the Executioner.
  • Thanks but no — Defeat Ramon Salazar.
  • you used to be good — Beat Jack Krauser.
  • to die is to die — Defeat Somund Saddler.
  • Blackout — Defeat three enemies at once with a Flashbang.
  • didn’t see it coming — Defeat a Garrador with just the knife.
  • two birds with one stone — Kill three parasites of a Regenerator with a single bullet.
  • They talk too much — Throw a grenade into Ramón Salazar’s mouth.
  • Slaughter— Use a cannon to defeat a zealot.
  • I hope that you like the travel — Go through the cart section of the underground tunnel without taking damage.
  • capacity issues — Reach the top of the clock tower without the elevator stopping once.
  • smooth escape — Escape on the jet ski without taking damage.
  • crafty seller — A single treasure for at least 100,000 pesetas expires.
  • Bandit — Obtain all treasures marked on the Village map in a single match.
  • raider — Obtain all the treasures marked on the Castle map in a single match.
  • Looter — Obtain all the treasures marked on the Island map in a single game.
  • gun fanatic — Obtain all weapons.
  • thousand uses — Complete all the Peddler’s requests.
  • Revolutionary — Destroy all Clockwork Castellan.
  • promising agent — Complete the main story on Standard mode or higher.
  • Mission Accomplished S+ — Complete the main story in Standard mode with an S+ rating.
  • prolific agent — Complete the main story on Hardcore mode or higher.
  • S+ Grade Investigator— Complete the main story in Hardcore mode with an S+ rating.
  • Unrivaled Agent — Complete the main story in Professional mode with an S+ rating.
  • Sprinter — Complete the main story in less than 8 hours.
  • Frugal — Complete the main story without using a single recovery item.
  • minimalist— Complete the main story using only the knife and hand guns (even against bosses).
  • stranger of few words — Complete story mode without talking to the Peddler.
  • novice shooter — Complete a match in the Shooting Range.
  • Hawk Eye — Achieve S rank in all levels of the shooting gallery.
  • Efficiency personified — Destroy 5 targets in the shooting range with a single shot.
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