The movie Return to Silent Hill confirms its two protagonists

A few months ago we saw how Silent Hill was back in the limelight with multiple announcements such as the remake of Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill f either Silent Hill Townfall, but also the return of the franchise to the big screen. In this way, filming Return to Silent Hill It will begin next April in Germany and other countries in the rest of Europe, a shoot in which the leading actor and actress, whom we already know, will already be present.

two young stars

The male lead will be Jeremy Irvine, 32 years old, and who already starred in War Horse, the Steven Spielberg film. Meanwhile, in the leading female role it will be carried out by Hannah Emily Andersonwhom we saw in the terrifying Jigsaw, from 2017. Both will be under the command of Christophe Gans, the French director who already directed the first film in 2006, a more than worthy adaptation, in addition to others such as The Pact of Wolves, Crying Freeman, or Corto Maltese.

The film is based on Silent Hill 2, and tells how James (Irvine) receives a mysterious letter from his deceased wife, which quotes him in Silent Hill. Upon arrival, James discovers how an ancient evil has transformed the city, having to face numerous dangers.

Silent Hill 2


Return to Silent Hill is a mythological love story about someone so in love that he would go to hell to save her”, Gans says. “I am excited to have the talents of Jeremy Irvine and Hanna Emily Anderson on this psychological horror journey, and I am confident that it will satisfy and surprise Silent Hill fans.”

“Christophe and I have been working closely with our partners at Konami, and while updating the game, also to create a version of Silent Hill for theater audiences,” said Victor Hadida, producer. “You will continue to find the iconic monsters, but also new designs. We are confident that this film and video game will propel the franchise forward for years to come.”

Source: Deadline

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