The Outlast Trials already has a release date, although only on PC and in early access format

Five years later, the Outlast saga is ready to reclaim its crown and once again sit on the throne of the horror genre. Or at least to try, because these years have not stopped appearing substitutes in the kingdom of jumpscares and Red Barrels they are going to risk and bet big with this third installment. Called The Outlast Trials, it will be the first to offer multiplayer mode and it will come in version early access next May 18 (at the moment only for PC, although via Steam and the Epic Games Store).

The game had a closed beta on Halloween which it was very well received by the community despite all the changes faced by the franchise. Thanks to her we were able to take a look at the new setting of the saga, which now takes us to the Cold Wara time when a sinister organization, the Murkoff Corporation, kidnapped humans and used them as guinea pigs to test methods of brainwashing and mind control. “It is a world full of mistrust, fear and violence,” warn its creators. “Your morals will be questioned, your resistance put to the test and your sanity, crushed. All for progress, science and the benefit of humanity”.

With the kidnapped they are tested some reality glasses that kill you if you die playing with them (spoiler: they exist in real life) and that is the explanation for the multiplayer mode. The Outlast Trials is some kind of tv show where poor wretches whose lives are at stake participate. They can collaborate with each other to survive or sabotage each other so that they catch the others and they have time to flee and move on. “Our intention is that you feel that you are fighting to the death for your right to freedom”, cries Red Barrels.

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What The Outlast Trials seems to retain is everything that has made the saga great: scares, twisted realism, decadence and gore in abundance. And the early access trailer (above these lines), with the actors who have given voice to the game demonstrating their terrifying interventions, proves it.

The only thing missing is a price, although coming out in May, it won’t take long to become official.

The Outlast Trials


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