The PlayStation VR viewer is now available with a catalog of more than 40 games

The new Playstation VR 2 virtual reality viewer is available on the market from this Wednesday, February 22, for the PS5 game console and accompanied by a catalog of more than 40 games, including ‘Horizon: Call of the Mountain’, ‘No Man’s Sky’ and ‘Resident Evil Village’.

The new generation of PlayStation VR headset has been designed to offer more advanced features than its predecessor, such as interact more immersively with the PS5 consolethanks to features such as three-dimensional audio, eye tracking and visual quality.

PlayStation VR2 is the new device to play in virtual reality. – Photo: Official PlayStation / Taken from the Official PlayStation Blog

PS VR2 features an OLED HDR display that supports 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye, along with a wider 110-degree field of view and 90 and 120Hz refresh rates, for smoother, more realistic 4K image quality.

It also features a feedback system with haptic effects that add a tactile element to the sensory experience, while eye-tracking cameras follow the user’s line of sight when aiming or looking around. The immersion is reinforced with the 3D audio of PlayStation 5.

The helmet is adjustable, and allows you to also modify the distance between the lenses. It is compatible with the use of glasses for players who need them to see clearly, and even has a mesh that prevents fogging.

This headset is complemented by PS VR2 Sense wireless controllers that detect finger movement and offer haptic feedback. They include adaptive triggers, as well as action buttons and ‘joysticks’.

The new PlayStation headset is not compatible with VR video games released for the company’s first headset. It does, however, have a catalog of more than 40 games to accompany the launch, like Horizon: Call of the Mountain, No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil Village, with over a hundred new titles in development.

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PS VR2 is available from this Wednesday for 599.99 $ in two ‘packs’: one that includes only the helmet, controls, stereo headphones and a USB cable, and another that adds a coupon to download Horizon Call of the Mountain.

New Resident Evil Village story starring Rose Winters.  Photo Europa Press.
Resident Evil is among the titles for this device. – Photo: Europe Press

What should you keep in mind about PlayStation VR2?

What is the PlayStation VR2 release date and retail price?

PlayStation VR2 will be available worldwide on February 22, 2023 and its price would be close to $600, according to Sony. So the device It would cost approximately three million Colombian pesos.based on the current exchange rate.

In the product box you will find a PS VR2 headset, a PS VR2 Sense controller, stereo headphones with extra ear cushions, and a USB cable.

But the brand has also prepared a special edition that also includes a coupon to download the game ‘Horizon Call of the Mountain’ from the PlayStation Store.

Why does PS VR2 improve the gaming experience?

According to PlayStation, PS VR2 represents a huge leap forward in virtual reality gaming experiences, delivering more immersive interaction thanks to PlayStation VR2 Sense controls, 3D audio and eye tracking. These elements would allow a greater immersion in the scenarios and situations proposed by the game.

In fact, Sony indicated that its device drives an internal HDR OLED screen of 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye, along with a wider field of vision, in addition, haptic effects were incorporated to provide a better sensory experience.

PlayStation improved the design of its virtual reality headset for games on PS5.
PlayStation improved the design of its virtual reality headset for games on PS5. – Photo: Official PlayStation / Taken from the Official PlayStation Blog
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The player could feel their character’s heart rate or the speed with which certain objects pass near their head. and eye-tracking cameras maintain line of sight when aiming a weapon or looking around. In a complementary way, the 3D audio functions of the PS5 console would help create highly realistic soundstages.

On the other hand, the PS VR2 Sense controller has motion tracking technology, finger touch detection, haptic feedback, and adaptive trigger effects similar to the DualSense controller on the PS5.

How to connect PS VR2 to PS5?

Only the USB Type-C cable, which is included with the PS VR2 headset, should be used to connect the device directly to a PS5 console. This cable is approximately 4.5 m (14.7 ft) long.

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