The prototype of an official LCD screen for the GameCube that included 3D functions comes to light

More than twenty years after its release, the GameCube still holds its secrets. Nintendo experimented with different peripherals, see Donkey Konga bongos or Game Boy Advance connectivity. What had gone unnoticed is that those from Kyoto They came to manufacture an official LCD screen for their consolewhich was shown during E3 2002.

This is demonstrated by a video uploaded by Adam Doree two months ago. In that edition of the Los Angeles fair, an interview starring Shigeru Miyamoto, Satoru Iwata and Takashi Tezuka reveals this curious peripheral, which never officially released. The monitor, only five inches, could be connected to the back of the console, making it almost a portable machine (ignoring, of course, that it always had to be connected to a socket).

The screen kept a secret: it had 3D functionalities

In fact, this peripheral was also named in one of the Iwata Asks, the format where the former president of Nintendo interviewed various personalities from the company. They were talking about Luigi’s Mansion 3D, a title that never materialized and was going to take advantage of the screen. “Yes, we tried to fit a small LCD screen on the Nintendo GameCube, just five inches, which allowed to enjoy Luigi’s Mansion with 3D glasses”.

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The late Iwata then recalled that they exhibited the peripheral during E3 2002, but they kept the three-dimensional element a secret. “Liquid crystal displays were still expensive then, so it didn’t matter what new experiences we could provide through games, we would have needed people to buy one [pantalla LCD] as an accessory. She could have been more expensive than the console itself, ”Konno pointed out.

GameCube has yet to come to Nintendo Switch Online, a service that includes consoles like NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Game Boy and Game Boy Advance.

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