The remaster of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, one of the great jewels of Nintendo DS, already has a release date

It’s been over a decade since Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective’s original release on Nintendo DS (it arrived in Europe on January 14, 2011), but those of us lucky enough to play it haven’t forgotten. Was one of the great independent jewels of the laptop’s catalog and bore the signature of Shu Takumi, the director of Ace Attorney (Phoenix Wright). In it we put ourselves in the shoes of a man who had just died and whose spirit could possess the surrounding objects. Through them we were solving the mysteries surrounding his death and preventing anyone else from having our same fatal fate. Something like a ghost detective (the name of the game, wow). And as in any classic story worth its salt, we had to clarify and leave things well tied up in a single night, since our soul passed into the afterlife with the arrival of dawn.

The point is that Ghost Trick is back and now you can enjoy it users of all consoles and platforms. In the recent Capcom Spotlight, the company has left us the release date of the game (June 30, 2023) and confirmation that it will be available in PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC. It will be through a remastering that will include “updated high-resolution graphics, music tracks with new arrangements, unique illustrations, trophies and much more”. Music was very important in the game and in this new version, the 37 original themes have been kept and re-orchestratedadding new songs and being able to switch between the new mixes and the ones we heard in their day.

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Obviously, the Ghost Trick interface has been optimized to replace touch controls, which will continue to be used on compatible systems (Nintendo Switch, for example). And finally, the remastering will bring several additional content for those who dare to reserve it, such as two extra songs and images of Missile, Sissel, Lynne, Kamila, Black Cat and Ray for the side banner. It will have a price of €29.99 and all this information has been accompanied by the following trailer:

We leave you with the rest of the news announced in the recent Capcom Spotlight, in case you want to catch up:

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