The salaries received by Artificial Intelligence workers have generated criticism in different countries

Artificial Intelligence has been a constant topic of conversation in recent months in almost the entire world, since the great advances that platforms such as ChatGPT have had have generated many points of view in society, either from the admiration of what they have achieved by human beings in a short time, as well as the fears generated by possible repercussions in the future.

But there is another issue that has generated controversy in recent days and that was not well known after Artificial Intelligence became known. It is about the working conditions of the hundreds of thousands of workers who make platforms like ChatGPT possible and who, apparently, would not have adequate salaries for the work they are doing.

One of the jobs that would be most affected is that of the “labelers”. Men and women who carry out the tedious work of labeling millions and millions of data and images so that Artificial Intelligence can act and generate the automatic responses that they have generated in recent times.

And while this guild is critical to making Artificial Intelligence possible, ironically, being the lowest job on the production chain of many giant tech companies, their salaries are the least generous.

“Despite the fundamental role that these data enrichment professionals play, a growing body of research reveals the precarious working conditions that these workers face,” said the agency (…) This could be the result of efforts to hide the dependence on the AI of this large workforce by celebrating the efficiency gains achieved by this technology. Out of sight is also out of mind.” Partnership on AI.

In Colombia, during 2022, the number of companies that use AI grew by 7 percent compared to 2021. – Photo: Getty Images
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However, Enrique García, a Colombian who works with artificial intelligence, affirms that this has more to do with the perspective from which one looks, since for many the salaries are more than fair, since not all the workers are in Europe. , but many are in Latin America and even in Colombia.

“Many people criticize our industry for the issue of pay, but at DignifAI our wage floor is US$2.30 an hour, and that represents 1.8 times the minimum wage in Colombia,” he said, stating that criticism usually comes from from Europe and the United States. But for Latin Americans, salaries are not bad at all. “If the project is more complex and requires expert note takers, such as architects or doctors, the pay can go up to $25 an hour,” he added.

Platforms Dall-e and Midjourney, which create images from a text prompt, revived the debate over whether the replacement for visual artists had arrived.
Artificial Intelligence generates fears in many people. – Photo: Generated at OpenAI LLC

However, the Colombian acknowledges that there may be Artificial Intelligence companies that are paying less than the minimum wage, as could happen in any sector, but that is not the most common in the sector. Therefore, it would be necessary to analyze what is happening in each case.

Close up businessman using laptop, typing on keyboard, sitting at wooden desk with documents, typing email, accountant writing financial report, student busy studying online, searching information
Workers make it possible for Artificial Intelligence to be as accurate as possible so far. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly reaching different countries of the world and one of the important reasons why this is happening is the workforce that exists around the world. Much of it is located in Latin American countries, despite what many would believe is happening far away from the country.

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For the moment, the debates will continue regarding the positive and negative aspects that this new technology has brought, which promises a future very different from what human beings have experienced until recent years. Something that fills many people with enthusiasm, but also many others, assure that it could be the end of many jobs and tasks that people currently perform and for which they receive a salary every month.

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