the story behind the ‘curse’ that eliminated Arsenal from the Europa League and affected NBA and NFL stars

Arsenal’s defeat from the penalty shootout against Sporting Lisboa, in the quarterfinals of the Uefa Europa League, not only drew attention for its surprise —those led by Mikel Arteta are leaders of the Premier and were playing at home—, but by the presence of Kim Kardashian at the Emirates Stadium.

Some attribute the elimination of Arsenal from the second most important tournament in the old continent to the presence of the American model and businesswoman: her family seems to carry a curse that disadvantages certain sports personalities.

Kardashian, who has more than 348 million followers on her Instagram account, published a series of stories in which she is seen with Saint, one of the four children she has with rapper Kanye West, watching the game. The shirt that the minor was wearing revealed that he is an Arsenal fan and that his mother, consenting, invited him to watch the game from a box.

But that was not all: some scenes from a documentary that the model is filming in London were apparently filmed in the stadium, hence the encouragement from the stands to Arsenal, who searched in vain for his ticket to the quarterfinals of Europe League. Although he started winning thanks to Granit Xhaka, he saw how his rival equalized him in the 62nd minute and beat him in the collections from twelve steps —in the first leg the score was 2-2—.

Pedro Goncalves was the author of the great goal that goes around the world and with which Sporting eliminated Arsenal. – Photo: UEFA via Getty Images
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But, why blame Kim Kardashian for the loss? Because Arsenal once invited her to watch another game, also at home, and, unfortunately, she also ended the game down on the scoreboard. Furthermore, his curse has spread to American football and basketball.

Kin Kardashian was a partner of Reggie Bush, an NFL running back, from 2007 to 2010. The end of the love relationship was too much for the American football player, so much so that he achieved a losing streak never seen before in this sport. Became first running back —a term for the fastest players on the team’s offense, like a ‘wing’ in traditional football—to step aside with negative yardage.

Kim Kardashian and the curse that eliminated Arsenal from the Europa League
One of Kim Kardashian’s sons is an Arsenal fan. – Photo: Taken from Instagram: @Kimkardashian

Meanwhile, her sister Khloé Kardashian had an affair with NBA player Lamar Odom, whom she married and, three years later, broke up with. The athlete also did not know how to face the break, which he caused with his infidelities, and was in the eye of the hurricane due to addictions.

The quarterfinals of the Europa League

The round of 16 of the Europa League ended with surprise on March 16. The last game, between Arsenal and Sporting Lisbon, had the English as favourites, however, an anthological play by a Portuguese player, in addition to the precision in the penalty shootout, made the visitors at the Emirates stadium completely silent to the fans gunners.

After this unexpected outcome, the eight teams that are still in the race for the title were defined, where the presence of several South Americans stands out, among them a Colombian, Juan Guillermo Cuadrado. In total there are two teams from Italy, while England, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Belgium will only have one box representing them.

Juan Guillermo Cuadrado debuted with a great goal in 2023.
Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, in the quarterfinals of the Europa League with Juventus. – Photo: Getty Images
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The keys, according to the draw carried out on the morning of this March 17, were as follows:

  • Juventus vs. Sporting Lisbon
  • Manchester United vs. Seville
  • Feyenoord vs. Rome
  • Bayern Leverkusen vs. Union SG (Belgium)

At the end of this phase in the Champions League and the Europa League, there is no less data from Italian football that shows a recovery of this league on the international scene. This is the qualification to the quarterfinal phase of five clubs, being the country with the most representatives for the definition of the most important trophies of the old continent: Milan, Inter, Napoli, Juventus and Rome.

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