The trick to identify which acquaintance has an account on OnlyFans

OnlyFans in recent times has become a platform to generate income. The application policies indicate that users must be over 18 years of age.

In that sense, people can pay for the content, be it photos, videos or live streams through a monthly membership.

However, a big question that users have asked themselves at some point is to know if a person has an account on this platform, whether it is someone known or famous.

OnlyFans has grown in popularity. – Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

How to identify who has an account on OnlyFans?

It is important to mention that the operation of OnlyFans is similar to that of other social networks, that is, that each content creator has a unique name and user, which appears in the URL that leads to your profile.

In that order of ideas, one of the easiest steps to find someone is through other social networks, Because many creators promote their username on their respective profiles.

Another option that can be implemented is to write the name of the user or person in the search engine that the application has available. This search engine has a function similar to Facebook and Instagram. In this method, it is recommended to write the username that you have in the other networks, since many people replicate the same one.

If these indications are carried out, it will be possible to know if someone you know has an account on this platform. However, to be sure, The best option is to pay the membership that the creator has brought for the display of their content.

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This is how you can earn money on OnlyFans without uploading intimate photos

Thanks to the fact that many users have obtained large sums of money through it, some people do not know how to create a profile and the conditions that must be met to have one.

Initially, you must enter the official OnlyFans page, from a computer or cell phone; Subsequently, the option to create an account must be selected. For generate the registration, the platform will request an email, username and passwordthen you must specify if the profile will be for a content creator or for a consumer.

Format to create a profile in OnlyFans
Format to create a profile in OnlyFans – Photo: Screenshot / Week

What are the requirements to open a profile on OnlyFans?

The platform requests that users comply with the following conditions:

  • The account owner must be of legal age.
  • Allow verification of your identification and personal data.
  • Have a bank account and credit card, to consign the income generated from the platform and charge for the subscription to a profile.

What kind of content is uploaded to OnlyFans?

The bet with the platform is that the owner of a profile generates photographs or videos of interest to his subscribers, in this way an attractive content offer will be achieved for which it will be worth paying a subscription.

But it is important to clarify that, despite the fact that many users use this service to share erotic material, it is not the platform’s rule that all people must publish this type of content.

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Despite the fact that OnlyFans is popular for its offer of adult content, its users can earn money with other types of proposals. – Photo: Getty Images
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How to earn money on OnlyFans without uploading intimate photos?

In fact, some people succeed on OnlyFans without the need to offer exclusive photos or videos that are associated with pornographyby managing to provide experiences of interest that are linked to other topics.

Some users offer a space of coaching For people who need help to get through certain processes in their lives, other content creators provide posts on where they share their knowledge about art, music, design, business, cooking, healthy eating, fitness and other topics.

The key for these users is to create attractive content that connects with the interests of their potential subscribers, so they can manage to earn a good sum of money with the platform.

It is worth reiterating that the account owner is the one who defines the cost of the subscription to his profile, generally this fee ranges between 10 and 30 dollars. However, there are users who can set a higher price.

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