These are the applications that help anyone during an earthquake

In the midst of the tragedy that Turkey and Syria suffered last Monday due to the strong earthquake of 7.8 degrees on the seismic scale, and an aftershock of 7.5 degrees -a situation that has left more than 7,000 people dead and nearly 35,000 wounded-, voices of solidarity continue to be raised by the different states.

This situation has reminded us of the importance of taking care of ourselves in these types of moments, as well as to announce the situation to the closest beings.

Social networks can be an option to communicate with victims. For example, Facebook has the section ‘Security Protection’, where you can find the ‘Disaster Response’ option.

The world have presented several telluric movements. – Photo: Getty Images

The Meta platform will ask if you are okay, and Facebook will announce all the people added to that person’s current status. However, there are a number of applications for iOS and Android operating systems that can be used in such situations, and are the following:


This application is characterized by providing earthquake data, such as the region, the exact moment in which it occurred and the distance from the epicenter. Is apps It is available on the Play Store.


This platform can be downloaded through the App Store and its purpose is to provide seismic movements in detailed but simple graphics. If an earthquake occurs, the application will send an alert on the mobile device.

Earthquake Alert

The apps informs users in real time about earthquakes and tsunamis registered anywhere in the world. The information provided by the application is provided by international organizations.

Earthquakes in Colombia are recurring, some minor and others more intense
Earthquakes are recurrent, some minor and others more intense. – Photo: Getty Images / Vertigo3d
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QuakeFeed Earthquake

The application available on iOS offers a geolocalized mapping of the geographical areas where the natural phenomenon occurred and the necessary information on telluric movements.

Send encrypted messages: five best ‘apps’ to do it

If the main objective is to hide information or if you want to protect the messages against possible intruders, the best option that exists is to encode the information, which is also known as encrypted messages.

In this sense, when someone accesses the mobile device without any consent, it will be impossible for them to read the messages. However, there are a good number of applications that allow you to carry out this process quickly and safely and they are the following:


This instant messaging application is one of the most secure in recent times, since all of its users’ data is protected.

Likewise, messages, calls, video calls, images, text messages are end-to-end encrypted. In addition, the application can be used in the mobile and desktop version simultaneously.


Is apps It is also characterized by the fact that text messages are end-to-end encrypted. In the same way, its operating system is well optimized, which is why a fast internet is not needed to be used.


As is well known, this application is WhatsApp’s great competition, since it offers a quite remarkable security system from its inception, where messages are also end-to-end encrypted.

Telegram, instant messaging app that is the main rival of WhatsApp.
Telegram, instant messaging app that is the main rival of WhatsApp. – Photo: Getty Images

This application allows users to have their own cloud, with the purpose of storing information, downloading books, music, movies, among many others. Likewise, it allows having information channels with users from all over the world.

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Wick me

The application is characterized by having a totally secure encryption, which covers all types of communication, be it text messages, files, links, calls, video calls, among many other functions. Plus, you don’t need an email or phone number to create an account.

viber messenger

Is apps It is striking for its group calls, where a minimum of 50 people can be accommodated, where everyone is completely safe. The user can configure the system so that the messages self-destruct, either in one second or ten seconds.

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