These are the applications that serve as an alternative

In the afternoon of this Wednesday, February 8, several users have reported failures on Twitter, as confirmed by Downdetector, the portal in charge of reporting problems on social networks.

According to the platform, the problems began at 3:07 p.m., with exponential growth; 49% have been due to problems in the publications, 45% were presented on the website, and 7% due to the loading of the application on cell phones.

However, the most conspicuous bug is that users are not allowed to chirp. For example, in the mobile version, the platform presents the following message: “Sorry, we couldn’t send your Tweet.” Do you want to try again or save this Tweet in drafts”.

Failures on Twitter. – Photo: Twitter screenshot

Regarding its web version, the platform indicated that “You have reached your daily tweet limit”, which led to the annoyance of several users. However, all went to the option to schedule the tweets.

Another failure presented by the application of the tycoon Elon Musk was when following another user, since, according to Twitter, the limit of followers was in force: “You can not follow more people at this time.”

However, given the aforementioned problems, there are different platforms that can be used as a second option and they are the following:


This platform created in 2017 has managed to exceed 60 million users. It allows you to write messages of up to 500 characters and allows you to share information, mark messages as favorites, hashtags.


Minds allows sharing of multimedia content and can be related to interactions. According to the portal xatakathe application promotes freedom of expression. It also focuses on content creators.

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This microblogging social network has aesthetics and functions similar to those of Twitter. It stands out for having a free and open source, It also allows you to create instances or networks with different themes and languages.

Mastodon became the direct competition of Twitter.
Mastodon became the direct competition of Twitter. – Photo: Getty Images / NurPhoto / Contributor


Discord is a platform that allows you to create different communities through its servers. Different communities can choose their own themes, rules, and chat rooms.

Users report failures on Instagram and Facebook

On the afternoon of this Wednesday, several users have reported failures in Meta’s social networks, specifically on Facebook and Instagram, as confirmed by Downdetector, the portal in charge of reporting failures.

The platform also stated that countries such as Argentina, Mexico and Colombia reported problems, thus leaving users unable to use the application, reason why they turned to other apps to confirm the situation.

According to users, Facebook did not allow loading the platform home or loading the application from mobile devices; Same situation as with Instagram.

Facebook and Instagram have flaws.
Facebook and Instagram have flaws. – Photo: Nikolas Kokovlis/NurPhoto and Getty Images

“User reports indicate that Instagram is having problems since 3:08 pm,” the platform wrote through its Twitter account.

In addition, content such as stories were deleted or appeared without views. Notifications also logged failures, as well as login.

That’s why the platform reported that 68% of issues were reported in posting photos, stories, or reels. 29% at the beginning of the session and 23% with the application.

The failures on Facebook occurred from 4:16 pm where 61% of the failures have to do with the website, 33% with the apps and 6% with access to it.

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For its part, Facebook Messenger registered problems since 4:24 pm where 48% of the problems reported were in the application. 39% when sending messages and 13% when receiving messages.

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