These are the best free courses to learn everything about artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to be the main topic in the world of technology, which is why many attend different courses to delve into it.

That is why, on the internet there are a number of free courses that focus directly on coding your own artificial neural networks, as well as some technical knowledge and they are the following:

Machine Learning, Stanford University

According to the portal computer todaythis course is offered through Coursera and is taught by Andrew Ng, who is the founder of Google’s deep learning research unit. The course covers speech recognition and the best in web searches, as well as the learning process of AI neural networks.

Artificial intelligence. – Photo: Getty Images

Learn with Google AI

This content is part of Google’s plan to understand the knowledge of artificial intelligence in the general public. The course already has an intensive machine learning module with TensorFlow.

MIT, Deep Learning

MIT has a relevant space in the world of AI, since self-driving cars are expected in the future, because the AI ​​intends to provide the data that reaches its respective sensors.

work computer
Artificial intelligence has become a great tool for those who want to. – Photo: Getty Images

Google, Machine Learning

This course is not intended for beginners, as some prior experience is assumed. According to the aforementioned portal, the study plan focuses on designing self-learning systems that can learn from large, complex data sets.

The artificial intelligence that will lead them to master Excel

Excel is one of the most widely used computer programs on the planet, since its benefits are almost endless and allows those who use it to have absolute control of the data they enter there.

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Only at the accounting level, it is an almost mandatory tool, and from then on there are many professions or trades that require this program or others that offer spreadsheets, to organize activities of all kinds, starting from the financial ones, to, why not, organizing a trip.

Despite how useful Excel is, there are people who do not understand how to operate it, since it requires some knowledge to be able to perform basic operations such as addition, subtraction, division or multiplication; however, and thanks to artificial intelligence, there is now a tool available with which anyone can generate formulas to help them in their work and present better results.

Learning to use Excel
Artificial intelligence gives a hand to those who do not know how to use this tool. – Photo: Ninja Excel

This is Excel Formulator, a tool based on this new technology that allows you to make much more advanced use of this software and put aside the feeling of frustration at not being able to move easily through said program.

On this platform you will only have to give the necessary instructions for the artificial intelligence to act and deliver what you requested; step to follow, the user must copy and paste it into Excel and you can start feeding the database with the information you have.

The indications can be of the type: add all the cells in column C, divide the result by 3 and multiply it by 4. Obviously, and due to your experience and your needs, much more complex matters may be required of you.

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For those who believed that they could use this tool forever, its free version only allows you to generate 7 formulas per month, so you should be cautious when consulting it, since the monthly subscription is close to 6 dollars and the annual subscription to 54 dollars.

It is important to mention that more than 60% of Colombians do not know how to use Excel, according to a survey carried out by the Chilean company Ninja Excel.

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