These are the main risks of watching movies and series in Cuevana

Cuevana is one of the most recognized platforms and, therefore, most used to watch movies, series, documentaries and other productions for free. For example, in a month of 2022 it achieved a total of 130 million visits.

This platform does not have the licenses to reproduce the content it offers, which are usually the most anticipated and commented on of the season. Its operation is through servers, that is, it redirects the user to external sites where the movies they want to see are located.

Users also have the option of downloading the application on their respective mobile devices or accessing through the preferred browser. To see the movie, just enter the name in the search bar.

Cuevana is a web portal that lets you watch movies and series for free. – Photo: Cuevana Official

However, most Internet users are unaware of the risks that may arise when visiting these types of web pages. Among the most common is the theft of private information by cybercriminals.

In addition, Cuevana, by focusing its income on the sale of spaces for advertising, it is very common to find ads that invite users to click on it; however, some of them may have a fraudulent link, reason why a virus can leak into the computer.

Another problem that can arise is the reproduction of fake videos, since they are usually separated with the objective of stealing all possible information. For this reason, users are recommended to review the domain and analyze the components very well before clicking.

Several experts also suggest installing an antivirus on the desktop to avoid any malware. Likewise, it is recommended to download the AdBlock extension, which is in charge of blocking all ads from the Google Chrome browser.

Cuevana 3 is a web portal that lets you watch movies and series for free.
Cuevana 3 was the name that was implemented some time later. – Photo: Cuevana 3 screenshot
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Doesn’t Cuevana work? ‘Apps’ to watch series and movies for free from your cell phone

For many years, Cuevana gained great popularity as a website that allowed you to view movies that were still in the pipeline or watch series that are exclusive to streaming platforms. streaming like Netflix, HBO Max or Disney+ completely free of charge.

But due to the large number of users that this platform had, the web portal underwent a change in the service and from this a service emerged whose name changed slightly. Despite the fact that the original Cuevana still exists and only suffered a change in its name, in certain cases accessing its content is a bit problematic.

As a result of this situation, hundreds of netizens are constantly looking for applications or websites that provide free access to acclaimed hit series and movies.

But this need is also taken advantage of by cybercriminals who take advantage of the popularity of a movie, since they hide a trap to camouflage spyware, viruses and malicious code.

Cuevana: the movie web portal that reigned before Netflix
Cuevana: the movie web portal that reigned before Netflix – Photo: Week

For this reason, it is important to use platforms that allow you to watch series or movies for free. and without representing a risk to the user’s phones.

pluto tv

This service offers a wide range of content, in fact, It has dedicated channels for certain series or TV shows. Users will be able to watch movies or other productions through a live television transmission service.

In addition to its website, the platform has a apps compatible with smart TVs, game consoles, mobile devices, or equipment like Roku or Google TV.

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This service of streaming Free has an offer of several highly successful productions, along with movies and television shows. Therefore, it has a wide catalog that contains content for children and for more mature audiences.


YouTube is undoubtedly the video platform on-line most popular in the world, and currently the service It has several films, series, documentaries, musical recitals, which can be viewed at no cost..


This application offers the service of streaming free, which offers various content produced by Televisa and Univision. In addition, the platform is compatible with various devices (Smartphones, Smart TVs and players).

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