these are the new features for 2023 on the platform

The new updates to Google Maps have been showing a necessary evolution for the users of this platform, and during this year innovation is expected to continue, for which reason the technological giant announced some of the novelties that can be enjoyed throughout of 2023.

According to Cris Phillips, who is vice president and general manager of Google, one of the changes that the apps is located in the way in which the Liveview, which will now be accompanied by information on the weather, as well as an aerial view, among other novelties.

Google Maps, a tour of Bogota. – Photo: Google Maps – sitp routes – Bogota tour

“Immersive View is a whole new way to explore a place, allowing you to feel like you’re there, even before you visit. Using advances in AI and computer vision, the immersive view merges billions of Street View and aerial images to create a rich digital model of the world. And it adds useful information about the weather, traffic and how busy a place is.”Phillips explained on the Google blog.

However, he also added that this service is currently available for select cities, although other metropolises are also expected to join later. “The immersive view begins rolling out today in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. And in the coming months, it will launch in more cities, including Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence and Venice.” added the senior official.

The function of live view It will also come with a search engine that can be used with augmented reality to detect businesses in the area, such as ATMs, parks, parking lots, restaurants, among other places that may be useful to the user.

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Google Maps is often the “best friend” of travelers around the world. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto
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For people who drive electric vehicles, the places where there are charging ports will also be incorporated into Google Maps, this is automated with the traffic and the route to be taken, so they seek that the trips are much more optimized and that the users manage to have good experiences with their cars.

And for all those who move by bicycle or on foot, the application has set out to improve the routes that are enabled for users. “With directions at a glance, you can keep track of your trip right from the route overview or lock screen”stated Phillips, also referring to the view modes to be incorporated.

Google will present its new search engine

Google’s new event comes at a time when its current leadership in the search engine market is being questioned, with the threat posed by the OpenAI ChatGPT chatbot and its potential integration into Microsoft’s Bing through collaboration between the two companies.

Chinese search engine Baidu has also announced a ‘chatbot’ service that will offer similar features to ChatGPT, allowing users to get results based on questions asked, conversation-style.

“We are reimagining the way people find, explore and interact with information, making it more natural and intuitive than ever for you to find what you need. […] We are opening greater access to information for people around the world, through Search, Maps and more, ”they say from Google.

Logo of Google.
Google brings news for this 2023. – Photo: Getty Images

According to The New York Timesthe CEO of Google himself, Sundar Pichai, has realized this situation and has tried to persuade his employees to look for products designed in Artificial Intelligence and that they are capable of competing with the new technologies that are already beginning to step on the heels of your company.

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The giant’s move must be quick, as Microsoft, another of the heavyweights in the world of software development, has announced that it will have 10,000 million $ to be able to integrate the AI ​​created by OpenAI (on which Chat GPT is created) to its Bing search engine, which does not have a significant number of users.

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