They develop a robot capable of perceiving odors like a human being, that’s how it works

This Tuesday, February 7, it was announced that several scientists from Tel Aviv University created a robot capable of having the sense of smell, which could replace animals that detect explosives or drugs.

According to Ben Maoz, a member of the engineering faculty, this new robot could preserve human life and identify the respective criminals more effectively and quickly.

Its operation is made up of a ‘Biohybrid’ platform, which uses biological sensors connected to electronic systems.

According to Neuroscience News magazine, the development of the robot had to solve a series of complications, where a biological part capable of percating odors with precision stood out.

Likewise, it is explained that for the classification of odors artificial intelligence was used, being able to identify odors at the same level as humans.

Robot able to smell. – Photo: Twitter @ArkelMR

The final study also states that they used antennae taken from a desert locust, which were connected to the electrical systems mentioned above.

Maoz assured that nature is more advanced than humans, which is why it should be taken advantage of, which is why he proposed that in the future there will be advances in sight and touch.

The creators of this robot propose that in the coming years it will be used to detect pests that are a danger to crops, as well as the detection of cancer cells in the body.

These jobs could be threatened by the arrival of ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT with the passage of time continues to gain popularity in the world. The computer program is characterized by having artificial intelligence (AI), which is capable of holding a conversation on a specific topic.

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However, the arrival of this chatbot has aroused the fear of several people, since many experts assure that several jobs could disappear among which the following stand out:

The OpenAI logo is seen on the screen with the ChatGPT website
The OpenAI logo is seen on the screen with the ChatGPT website – Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

basic programming

People who are dedicated to programming could see in ChatGPT an opportunity to automate some coding processes, because this AI has a basic programming level.

legal functions

According to the portal computer today, forms, legal documents, rental contracts and co-official agreements can be drafted by this chatbot. At present there already exists a robot lawyer, which listens to the arguments of the court and formulates answers for the defendant.

Customer Support

ChatGPT may provide customer support via email and text messages. In addition, this chatbot could connect to the company’s database and obtain more information about its customers.

Cropped shot of an attractive young businesswoman wearing headphones and sitting alone in her office.  Call customer service.
Customer support may be affected in the future by artificial intelligence. – Photo: Getty Images

factory workers

It is no secret to anyone that the presence of robots has been making more and more inroads into companies. However, there are different activities that humans cannot perform and that artificial intelligence can, such as performing repetitive or dangerous activities.

investment analysts

The sheer number of workers in the financial world can be tedious for companies. In addition, the limits on the amount of information that a human being can process can lead to serious errors being made, which is why artificial intelligence is expected to create algorithms to program more easily.

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delivery services

This type of services has grown in recent years in society, which is why different tools have been implemented to speed up work. For example, artificial intelligence has been in charge of proposing delivery routes; however, several companies are working so that products are delivered faster through artificial intelligence.

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