This happens when you press the phone’s power button five times

Currently, smartphones represent much more than a tool to make or receive calls, as they are a resource that makes it possible to carry out work or academic tasks. In addition, they allow access to entertainment services such as social networks, streaming or video games on-line.

However, some of its users are unaware of all the features that these devices offer, which can be of great help when dealing with an emergency or report a situation that endangers someone’s life.

One of these tools is available through the computer’s shutdown button, but few know how the option works and how it can be activated.

What when you press the power button five times?

By pressing the power button five times, most smartphones (Android, iPhone or Huawei), enter an ‘alert’ mode that can be used to call for help in an accident or unfortunate event.

Therefore, this option should only be used in emergency cases because by pressing the power button five times consecutively the phone will immediately make an emergency call.

Smartphones have a shortcut to quickly make emergency calls. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

In fact, on some Android devices the device will sound an alarm at maximum volume and a countdown will appear on the screen, If the user does not deactivate it, the equipment will generate a call to the emergency services.

In the case of Colombia, users will be connected to the National Police line (112) to ask for help or report an emergency that must be attended to by the authorities.

It should be noted that on iPhone phones there will not be a countdown, after pressing the power off button five times on the screen the option to make an SOS call to the police will be enabled.

Smartphones have a function to make emergency calls quickly.
Smartphones have a function to make emergency calls quickly. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto
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Thus, this secret sequence for the off button represents a shortcut that saves vital seconds to call for help in a dangerous situation.

Is your cell phone slow? So you can make the phone faster

Charge the cell phone correctly

Phone batteries have a certain number of charge cycles and two factors affect their performance is use the cell phone when it is charging and leave the charge level below 20%.

Having the device’s battery properly charged will guarantee that the cell phone has the necessary energy to efficiently use all its internal components.

In fact, there are currently models that have fast charging technology, thanks to this factor a device can recover energy in a considerably short time, so it is appropriate to learn to charge the device at the correct time and ensure that it is connected until it reaches 100 % load.

Battery charging is a concern for smartphone users.
Battery charging is a concern for smartphone users. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Do not expose the equipment to high temperatures

The high temperatures can affect the performance of the device, because they affect the performance of the processorIn addition, it considerably reduces the time of energy charge in the equipment. Therefore, experts suggest preventing the cell phone from being exposed to direct sunlight or placed near heat sources.

This will help the phone to work with good speed when taking photos, playing games or sharing content on social networks.

Cell / Fire / Virus
High temperatures can affect the performance of the phone. – Photo: Getty Images

Keep the operating system up to date

Usually, cell phone manufacturers, such as Samsung, Realme or Xiaomi, constantly release new updates for the operating system on their equipment.

Keeping your phone up to date will help the device perform optimally, too will grant access to new features that may be useful to the user. For this reason, it is essential to check if there is an update available for platforms such as MIUI, UI R Edition, One UI, which are based on Android and therefore have access to all Google services.

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Manage storage

It is key to prevent the internal storage of the device from becoming saturated, which is recommended is to avoid occupying more than 80% of available capacity. This will help the phone work smoothly when running apps, making calls, or taking photos.

For this reason, it is essential to carry out a periodic cleaning of the phone’s memory, in order to eliminate the applications that are no longer used together with all the junk files that are stored on the device.

Social media profile page on smartphone screen at work. Woman looking at feed, status update or post with mobile phone. Inefficient lazy worker avoiding work. Follow, like or send friend request. – Photo: Getty Images

remove animations

Android animations tend to consume device resources, for this reason it is advisable to disable this option in order to make the phone work more fluently. By applying this option the change in the speed of the equipment will be noticeable immediately.

reboot the phone

Without a doubt, restarting the phone will not be the solution to all the problems that a cell phone may experience, however, in certain circumstances it can be a valid resource to repair certain faults that the equipment presents.

In fact, in some devices you can program the automatic shutdown of the equipment as a measure to maintain the proper functioning of the smartphone.

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