This is how translation via ChatGPT revolutionizes video games

Today video games are something that is part of the mass market, but many of us have experienced their evolution from marginal culture to being part of Pop culture. The increasing openness of society made them more accessible. Now, with the arrival of artificial intelligence to the mass market, we are going to see new advantages. Today we bring you two of them, related to translation via ChatGPT.

Translation via ChatGPT and videogames

One of the most important capabilities that GPT-4 has is the ability to translate text from one natural language to another, even when both have completely different grammar rules. Although programming languages ​​are nothing more than lists of instructions in sequence and specified in an ordered way, the same principle can be applied when creating part of the code that runs on the graphics card and that serves to show the visual aspect of the computer. game. Of course, in order to contemplate the solution, it is first necessary to talk about the problem.

  • Today all games use little programs called shaders, which run on the GPU cores and are designed to manipulate graphical primitives like pixels, triangles, particles.
  • On PC, because each generation of graphics cards understands its own binary code, it is necessary to compile the source code, since programmers do not know what graphics card the user may have. On consoles, on the other hand, everyone has the same configuration and, therefore, there is no need to compile.

This issue has been the bane of many game developers over time and one of the sources of lack of optimization issues in PC games. And it is that for a long time it has been an all too common problem.

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elden ring

How would the solution be applied?

The solution with ChatGPT or a similar tool would be simple, the AI ​​would be able to read the source code, which we remember is already written in high-level shader languages ​​to transfer it to a source code that understands the architecture of our graphics card. A function that we would not need to do ourselves, but the game developer. So, during the installation, the game would detect our hardware and install the necessary files.

With this you can say goodbye to stuttering problems, including those generated by the compilation of shaders in the middle of the game and without the programmers having to make an additional effort. It would not be the only problem that it would solve either, but rather the ability to read code and generate one with the same functionality, but more optimized, will make many games work better.

Stuttering vs. tearing

The translation via ChatGPT will finally give us access to certain games

Nowadays all the games come out with texts in English, but many of us are the ones who learned English with a dictionary in hand playing games that came in full English and sometimes even in a version of Shakespeare’s language, grammatically incorrect due to the lack of space in memory or by origin of the programmers. Well, game translation problems could come to an end and a lot of works that were not in many languages ​​could be given a renaissance by ChatGPT’s translation capability and be enjoyed by many more people.

Bad Translation FF7

Nor can we forget about the ability to synthesize, many stories are tedious due to the inability of their creators to create something interesting in fewer lines. And because of the tendency to think that the more pages of text, the more brainy the thing is. Luckily, we will not only see stories accessible by removing the language barrier, but also better explained. What do you think of a Final Fantasy VII without a translation that is worth it?

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