This is how you can find out how much electricity your air fryer consumes per month

Without a doubt, the air fryer has become a very popular appliance because the device allows you to make a wide variety of preparations in a very short time and almost automatically. In addition, this equipment does not require the use of oil to fry food and this would mean a healthier diet by reducing cholesterol consumption.

However, this team also It generates great concern among people who fear that the electricity bill could skyrocket because of the large amount of energy your air fryer consumes.

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How does the air fryer affect the value of the electric bill?

The frequent use of the air fryer does contribute to the rate of the energy bill suffering a considerable increasebut in comparative terms it is a device that does not use as much electricity compared to the energy demanded by a conventional oven, considering that this appliance demands between 2,000 and 5,000 watts.

Depending on the capacity and other characteristics, such as power and maximum temperature that it handles, the power consumption of the equipment could be close to 1,450 watts.

Therefore, the recommendation is that the equipment is not used daily and try to use it from time to time to prepare certain dishes, such as meat or French fries.

How much electricity does an air fryer consume per month?

According to experts, in order to know the amount of energy consumed by the air fryer in a home, it is necessary to carry out the following mathematical calculation:

  • Initially it is necessary to count the hours of use of the device per month
  • Now the hours of use must be multiplied by the power of the device, which could range from 1,000 to 1,400 watts.
  • The result of the multiplication must be converted to kilowatts, for this it is necessary to execute a division of the result between 1,000. Then, the figure must be multiplied by the cost kilowatt / hour (kWh) that according to the area in which the user is located.
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By executing the aforementioned mathematical operation, a person could know the estimated value of the electricity that your fryer consumes per month and the price you might pay for the use of such equipment.

air fryer
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Is it healthy to have an air fryer at home?

Most of the people who have purchased this equipment think that their quality of life will improve considerably by being able to stop using oil in the preparation of fried foods. However, other consumers have doubts about the advantages that an air fryer could offer.

Faced with this situation, the portalInsider’ from the United States consulted with experts to resolve the doubts of the users and the main conclusion indicates that the air fryers do can help reduce calorie intake by eliminating the use of oil in preparations. But it also clarifies that the decrease in fat in food does not make certain foods highly healthy.

This class of fryers use air at high temperatures to cook food and by eliminating the presence of oil, the food has a better flavor, less fat and a very crunchy exterior.

However, those who seek to incorporate an air fryer as a tool to start having a healthy diet should keep in mind that the type of food they will prepare in said equipment. For example, fries, yucas are still a great source of carbohydrates despite the fact that they are prepared without oil and their frequent consumption will not help to maintain a good diet.

Considering them dangerous, authorities in the United States ordered some Air Fryer references to be removed from the market.
Considering them dangerous, authorities in the United States ordered some Air Fryer references to be removed from the market – Photo: Grandbrothers/Getty Images
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The same situation occurs with breaded chicken, since the addition of flour and other ingredients to achieve the crispy exterior will make it a much less healthy product than a grilled breast.

Rachael Hartley, an expert in nutrition and healthy eating, told the medium in question that air fryers are not necessarily healthier, since it is only a tool that makes it easier to cook certain foods. On the other hand, he specified that for now there is no formal study that can demonstrate that the total elimination of oil in food can improve people’s health, in addition, he recalled that the body also requires healthy fats such as olive oil.

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