This is how you can fix sound problems on YouTube

Although there are different applications to listen to music; One of the most used is YouTube, since through it you can watch the latest videos of the artists for free, as well as different productions through the web or mobile devices.

However, there are some features that can interrupt the playback of a video. For example, at some point the platform may present audio problems.

The lack of audio on YouTube is a frequent problem and is caused by various causes, which are sometimes difficult to detect. Audio problems can be caused by a malicious virus, bug, or faulty driver.

YouTube is one of the most used platforms in the world. – Photo: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett

How to fix sound problems on YouTube?

According to the portal computer today to try to fix the sound in the application, the first thing to do is to find out if it is a problem only with YouTube, or if it also happens with other applications apps.

audio disconnected

Launch a video and check that the clip icon bar speaker is enabled. It is also important to review the general audio of the computer or mobile device. In that sense, it is recommended to look at the Windows taskbar or press the volume up button on the phone.

malicious virus

In some cases it may be that a malware or spyware can interrupt the audio of the applications. The best option is to format the cell phone or run an antivirus on the devices.

dirty connector

A problem that is overlooked on more than one occasion is due to the fact that the connector where the headphones or speaker are plugged in is dirty. With a cotton swab or cloth moistened with a drop of alcohol, the connector can be cleaned. It would be best to have it done by an expert.

woman listening to music
Listening to loud sounds can affect the ears. – Photo: Getty Images
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Headphone problems

Sound failures not only have to do with the reproduction process, that is why you should also check that the cables are well connected or that they are not broken. On many occasions it can come to an internal cable that is not making a good contact, reason why the connection should be better positioned.

The trick to watch videos on YouTube without ads

On certain occasions, users stop using YouTube due to the constant interruption in the reproduction of videos. A clear example is the commercials, which are immersed with the videos and usually appear before, during and after the playback.

That is why, alternatives have been created so that users can avoid these ads. and have a smoother experience without interruptions.

One of the legitimate processes of the platform is through subscription, that is, YouTube Premium. However, the Noticias SIN portal proposes an alternative to not pay any money.

Methods to remove ads on YouTube

  • Add a full stop to the link of the video to watch.
  • Fast forward the video to the last minute, wait for it to finish and play again.
  • Download the Venced YouTube application, which fulfills the same function as the Premium version.
  • Install the AdBlock extension. This tool blocks ads from any web page.

Now, if the intention is to listen to music with the cell phone screen turned off, users can install the browser Brief, which can be downloaded in the Play Store or App Store; It is important to mention that the official Android and iOS stores have quite rigorous security systems, therefore its download is recommended.

Telegram bots are a resource to access series and movies online.
There are different methods to remove ads on the platform. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto
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Unlike Google Chrome, this platform includes a restriction of ads, that is, it will prevent the appearance of any malicious advertising, as well as during and after the YouTube videos.

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