This is how you can generate a QR code to connect to a Wi-Fi network

Before the arrival of a guest at the house, one of the first questions that arise has to do with the Wi-Fi password. There are those who handle simple series of numbers, while others prefer more elaborate passwords.

For this reason, there are times when the first attempt to access the network is unsuccessful, as the user may have mistyped the password.

To avoid this complication, a simple tool is to generate a QR code that allows you to quickly and efficiently enter the network. This process can be done through an application called QiFi, which is responsible for doing all the work, facilitating connectivity.

The portal specialized in Xataka technology specifies that QiFi does not store any of the shared data, since all it does is generate the code directly in the browser and without sending it to any remote server.

Smartphones allow their users to access the Internet from anywhere they have a connection. – Photo: Getty Images

How to generate the QR code?

The first step is to enter the QiFi website and fill in the ‘SSID’, ‘Encryption’ and ‘Key’ fields so that the application can generate a code with them. Once the spaces are filled in, all you have to do is press the ‘Generate!’ option.

The aforementioned portal explains with what information to fill each space:

  • SSID: The name of the Wi-Fi network, either mobile or home.
  • encryption: The encryption used by the Wi-Fi network. Usually this will be WPA/WPA2.
  • key: The Wi-Fi password. In this way, the QR code will allow automatic connection.
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After having clicked on the ‘Generate!’ option, the app will automatically display the created QR code. Then, all you have to do is click ‘Export!’ to download the QR as an image in JPG format.

Smartphone user checking her messages.
QR codes allow you to access web pages by clicking a single button after scanning the image. – Photo: Getty Images

This is the correct way to charge a cell phone so that the battery lasts longer

WEEK consulted with experts to find out the correct way to charge the cell phone battery and identify the most common errors that users make with their equipment. In addition to offering some recommendations to correct this situation.

Should not be charged to 100%

Specialists advise keeping the smartphone’s battery charge between 20 and 80%, since this habit will help prevent the power cells from suffering unnecessary wear and tear, thus avoiding premature depletion of useful life.

In the same way, it is a mistake to always recharge the equipment when it has completely run out of energy when it reaches 0%, since this situation will also generate unnecessary deterioration in the battery.

The ideal is to recharge the cell phone when it indicates that its energy has reached 10 or 15%, in addition, the equipment must be disconnected immediately when the energy reaches 100%.

Do not leave the cell phone charging connected all night

Currently, most smartphones support fast charging technology, this allows you to have 100% power in just under 90 minutes, therefore it is a mistake to leave your device connected to a power source for the whole one night.

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This is because a good part of the phones have a security system that prevents the flow of energy to its battery when it is fully charged, consequently, when it reaches 100%, the equipment begins to consume electricity from its battery. .

But in cases where the smartphone remains connected to an electrical source for several hours, the equipment ends up entering a vicious cycle of permanent recharging. This situation occurs because the cell phone will begin to recover power from the outlet every time its charge drops to 99% and will again close that flow of electricity when it is at 100%.

This recharge cycle accelerates the wear of the power cells together with the useful life of the battery, which it will eventually lose its ability to conserve the energy it stores for longer.

Leaving your phone charging overnight can damage its battery.
Leaving your phone charging overnight can damage its battery. – Photo: Getty Images

You should not chat or watch series while charging the phone

Some people have the bad habit of using their cell phone while the equipment is charging, without considering that this habit affects the quality of the battery charge and generates extra effort on the device.

This situation not only affects the performance of the battery, it also impairs the performance of other components of the equipment and, over time, other elements of the phone may be affected.

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