This is how you can prevent the electricity bill from skyrocketing

Today homes have a wide variety of electronic equipment such as televisions, video game consoles, computers, smart speakers, among other appliances. Although these devices considerably improve people’s quality of life, these items can also contribute to increased energy consumption.

In the context of this situation there are several beliefs about good or bad habits that could generate unnecessary electricity consumption, a situation that would represent a blow to people’s finances when it comes time to pay the energy service bill.

This situation becomes highly relevant if one takes into account that in recent months energy service rates have become an issue that worries thousands of people, since the pockets of many are feeling its effects.

Currently one of the bad practices that a large number of people commit is the leave your phone charger plugged into a power outletthis practice is generally adopted as a way to keep the charger available at all times and thus avoid the task of searching and plugging in the connector.

Illustration of phone charged to a wall. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

However, this habit is part of the situations that contribute to unnecessary energy consumption and, therefore, useless spending of money. This situation is due to the fact that the charger is generating a “phantom consumption” of energy, as it is demanding electricity in a task that has no purpose.

Despite the fact that this bad habit generates an extremely low electricity cost, in many homes several chargers are left connected and this situation changes the panorama considerably, since Said consumption can be added to that made by other household appliances and this could trigger the value of the invoice.

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Therefore, it is essential to learn not to underestimate the energy cost generated by small equipment, since all consumption adds up and at the end of the month it could be reflected in a significant increase in the electricity bill rate.

Thus, the key to controlling the value of the energy service is learn to unplug appliances that you don’t really need to have plugged in to an outlet.

In the event that the inhabitants of a house are uncomfortable executing the task of connecting and reconnecting electrical appliances, the situation can be solved through the use of smart connectors. This device allows you to cut or activate the power flow of the connected equipment through an application designed for smartphones.

So the user only needs to use his smartphone to remotely disconnect all electronic equipment that may generate a “ghost consumption”.

Other tips to eliminate phantom consumption

  • Going to multi-sockets when it is necessary to connect several phone chargers is a good strategy to regulate energy expenditure, in addition, it is a more efficient method to disconnect all equipment more easily.
Woman loading various equipment with a multitap.
Woman loading various equipment with a multitap. – Photo: Getty Images
  • Leaving electrical appliances connected to electrical appliances that are not used much, many of these devices have digital screens and other elements that use energy unnecessarily, since the user uses them periodically.
  • Become aware of the management of electronic equipment in the home, such as having the television on when only the audio is being listened to. In these cases you can go to a function that the TV turns off its screen without stopping emitting sounds.
  • The use of external batteries or ‘power banks’ is a very useful option to recharge smartphones without having to generate energy consumption in a home.
Portable batteries (power banks) are very useful for recharging phones without spending energy from a home.
Portable batteries (power banks) are very useful for recharging phones without spending energy from a home. – Photo: Getty Images
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Devices that help save energy to pay less on the electricity bill

Wi-Fi Smart Bulbs

This type of bulbs offers the possibility of dimming the light according to the needs of the user. Therefore, it is possible to graduate their energy consumption and thus generate savings.

Electric power
LED bulb. Photo: Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images

smart plugs

This type of plugs allows the user to program the moment in which they must allow the flow of energy to the electrical appliances that are connected, this helps to reduce the consumption of certain equipment and without having to disconnect them from the outlet.

Solar Charged Portable Generator

These generators are popular with fans of camping. By using panels, It takes advantage of sunlight to store energy and allow, for example, the charging of mobile devices and some household appliances.

Of course, the advantages offered by these generators can be directed towards the home, using them for simple tasks such as charging the mobile device, the laptop or resorting to electrometrics whose consumption is not so high and works with the energy stored in the solar-charged generator. .

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