This is how you can recover deleted photos and videos from a USB or micro SD memory

When you delete a file saved on a USB stick, hard drive or micro SD, it is most likely permanently deleted. The most common information that is lost are photos, videos, documents, among many other files.

As these types of devices do not have a recycle bin, to recover them it will be necessary to download an external application. According to the portal The Republic, from Peru, There are many software that allow you to perform this procedure.

One of the most used is Wondershare Recoverit. This platform is available for Windows operating systems and once installed on the computer it will be possible to recover all the multimedia files among other documents.

USB sticks allow you to save all kinds of files. – Photo: Getty Images

How to use Wondershare Recoverit?

  • Download the software from its official page.
  • Once installed, open the program and select the ‘Enhanced Recovery’ section.
  • All available drives on the computer will be displayed.
  • Choose if it is USB, micro SD or hard drive.
  • Then, it will start the due process to recover all the files that were deleted.

It is important to mention that in the latest Windows update, it brought with it several bugs. For example, the most commented is related to USB memories.

In that sense, the error is related to USB drive plugging and unplugging, which prevents users from removing their respective USB when task manager is running. Also, when the error occurs, the following message is displayed: “Windows can’t stop your device because a program is still running on it. Close any programs that may be using the device and try again later.”

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Windows ruled on the mentioned error for the removal of the device and released some recommendations, while giving you a final solution.

USB port.
In Windows there have been failures with the USB ports. – Photo: Getty Images

When the user receives this message, one of the implemented options is to remove the USB drive directly. Another solution is for the user to switch from one tab to another, ie change the ‘Productivity’ tab to the ‘Processes’ folder. Also, a solution to the error can be given when closing the task manager and then removing the USB drive.

This error is not classified by Windows as something critical, but it can cause confusion for most users.

What are the USB ports behind TVs for?

Currently, there are several households that have one or two smart TVs, especially those that have an Android operating system, since they incorporate various applications, customization methods, and external tools, such as the USB port.

Nevertheless, There are many users who do not know all the purposes of this tool and they are the following:

firmware updates

Smart TV manufacturers are constantly releasing firmware updates, which can be downloaded and updated via a USB port on some models.

Media playback

According to the portal The Republic of Peru, one of the functions of the USB port is the reproduction of multimedia contentsuch as photos, videos or music, which must be stored on a memory or hard drive.

Today hard drives are more widely used than USB sticks. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto
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program recording

Different Smart TV models allow you to record television programs directly on an external storage device connected through the USB port.

charge electronic devices

The aforementioned portal ensures that smart televisions allow charging all types of devices, that is, cell phones or tablets through this port.

Peripheral connection

This tool allows people to connect peripherals, such as cameras, keyboards or hard drives, which is why the TV can be used with an external computer. In addition, it expands the possibilities of using the device.

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